Summer House: Martha's Vineyard's Jasmine Cooper Details Motherhood Journey Amid Silas' Deployment

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard star Jasmine Cooper, who recently welcomed a baby boy with husband Silas Cooper, shared insight on her latest chapter in an exclusive interview with E! News.

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Jasmine Ellis Cooper is more than happy to pop bottles again this summer—of the baby variety, that is.

Nearly two months after welcoming her first child with Silas Cooper, the Summer House: Martha's Vineyard star is opening up about experiencing motherhood while her husband, an officer in the Army Reserve that appeared in the first season of the Bravo series, is currently serving overseas in Eastern Europe.

And though Silas' deployment came shortly before filming the show's second season, his presence was still felt from thousands of miles away.

"He made sure I had all the snacks and flowers—that I knew that he was thinking of me no matter how far he was," Jasmine, who gave birth to baby boy Silas Jr. in late February, told E! News in an exclusive interview, "That was really sweet."

Their journey into parenthood comes after the couple, who wed in June 2022, showcased the ups and downs of their relationship during their first summer in the vineyard as newlyweds. It was an experience that the screenwriter admits was tough to face at first.

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"Watching back was not easy at all, if I'm being honest, for either of us," the reality star shared. "Because in hindsight, we've done the therapy, we've kind of started over—I've learned who he's become post-joining the service. That was something that I really didn't get an opportunity to do prior to filming or prior to our wedding."

That said, seeing their highs and lows play out on camera made for a fresh start.

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"It was a chance to really be like, ‘OK, this is a part of our lives now,'" Jasmine explained. "Being a military family is changing our dynamics and we have to address it and you're not handling it the best and I'm not handling it the best so let's just relearn each other. It wasn't easy, but I think I'm reassured that I've chosen the right partner and I'll speak for him—he chose well."

The Atlanta native also made the choice to return the vineyard with a different outlook, especially when it came to starting over with fellow castmates Jordan Emanuel, Bria Fleming, Shanice Henderson, Amir Lancaster, Nick Arrington, Preston Mitchum, Summer Thomas, Alex Tyree and newcomer Noelle Hughley.

"I definitely had to take a step back completely," she noted. "Not just from my personal relationship, but like all my relationships. And I think that was the takeaway for me personally, with season one, is that I was internalizing things too much from everyone and I wasn't speaking and standing on business."

That said, Jasmine was more than happy to embrace the shift independently.

"To have [Silas] not be a part of the equation this season," she explained, "I was super excited because if something happens, you don't have him to blame. It's just me and you or whoever the person I'm in the situation with. I was looking forward to having girl time and just reminding folks: Yes, I'm growing. Yes, I'm changing. But I'm still going to have fun and I'm still going to care about my friendships."

Another change that's soon to unfold? Jasmine announcing her pregnancy, which as she shared, was met with "varied" reactions from her housemates. But as for the new parents, they've embraced their next chapter like no other.

"[Silas] is so happy being a father and he's so excited to come home," she added, "I think he's going to be a phenomenal dad. He is the type of person that will give you the shirt off his back and give advice—as we clearly have seen. He is not afraid to just step in and support anyone. So, I think he'll be the same as a father."

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