What Love on the Spectrum's Dani Bowman, Abbey Romeo & Connor Tomlinson Really Think of the Series

Love on the Spectrum's Dani Bowman, Abbey Romeo and Connor Tomlinson reflected on their experiences of filming the reality show on Autism Acceptance Day.

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Love on the Spectrum captured the hearts of its viewers.

And as it turns out, the feeling is mutual for its cast members. Season two stars Connor Tomlinson, Abbey Romeo and Dani Bowman—the latter two having been with the show since season one—recently reflected on their experience filming the Netflix dating series. 

"First of all this show Love on the Spectrum," Dani told E! News in an exclusive interview on Autism Acceptance Day April 2, "what they did is they allowed all of us on the spectrum in the show to be our true authentic selves and allow us to have our own voice to answer our questions. They're very genuine, they allow us to be honest with some honest questions and answers, which is a great thing."

The 28-year-old added, "They're not here to exploit. But to show the differences, show different abilities."

For his part, Connor echoed Dani's feelings about the show striving for authenticity, while also noting the example it sets for viewers. 

"It's trying to make sure to show people," he said, "that we can push—whether we're neurodiverse or neurotypical—we can push past our limitations. Make our dreams come true."

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And Abbey—whose relationship with David Issacman quickly became a fan-favorite across both seasons of the show—has a message for viewers. 

"[They] should be nice to people with autism and those who think differently," she explained. "Because I'm sure those people with autism felt isolated and alone growing up, just like me. Be kind to everyone."

While David added, "We should accept people for who they are, whether or not they have autism."

Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Netflix

And the show can teach its audience a thing or two about perseverance, as Love on the Spectrum also imparted knowledge on its cast. 

"One lesson I did learn," Connor reflected, "is that I'm quite resilient. Whenever I face something hard, I gather myself and I muster up the courage to carry on."

But beyond the personal discoveries, both Dani and Connor came to conclusions about love itself. 

"I self discovered, looking back at myself," Dani mused, "I realized that the most important thing about love is it's more about patience and taking time to get to know the person and setting the boundaries from the very beginning."

The animator added, "Love means connection, the feeling of connectedness combining the helix of DNA into one."

As for Connor, whose dating endeavors on the show ended in friendships rather than romance?

The 24-year-old simply put it, "Love is no picnic."

—Reporting by Jacqueline Gomez

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