LSU’s Angel Reese Tears Up While Detailing Death Threats During Post-Game Conference

Angel Reese emotionally detailed her last year in the spotlight after LSU’s 94-87 loss against Iowa in the Elite 8 round of the NCAA women’s tournament April 1.

By Olivia Evans Apr 02, 2024 7:50 PMTags
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Angel Reese has a message for her critics.

After LSU bowed out of the 2024 NCAA women's tournament on April 1—losing 94-87 to Iowa in the Elite Eight round—the SEC phenom detailed the not-so-bright parts of the spotlight. 

​​"I've been through so much," she told reporters at a post-game press conference April 1. "I've seen so much. I've been attacked so many times. Death threats. I've been sexualized. I've been threatened. I've been so many things and I've stood strong every single time."

And the Tigers' forward—who went head-to-head with Division I top scorer Caitlin Clark in the April 1 game—was defended by her teammates for how she's handled her critics in the last year. 

"Everybody can have their opinion on Angel Reese, but y'all don't know her," LSU guard Flau'Jae Johnson said. "I know the real Angel Reese, and the person I see every day is a strong person, is a caring, loving person. The crown she wear is heavy."

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And LSU guard Hailey Van Lith added, "People speak hate into her life, I've never seen people wish bad things on someone as much as her and it does not affect her. She comes to practice every day. She lives her life every day."

While Angel led LSU to be the 2023 NCAA women's tournament champions, the 21-year-old received waves of criticism over her competitive drive on the court. During last year's title game, Angel approached Iowa's Caitlin and performed a John Cena-inspired gesture by waving her hand in front of her face in a "You can't see me" fashion, before pointing to her ring finger—where she would soon wear her 2023 champion ring. 

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Angel attributed the gesture as a testament to her and Caitlin's competitiveness, and has clarified that the players do not hate each other. In fact, Caitlin and Angel even shared a hug after their April 1 face-off. And while many critics continue to point to the on-court moment, Angel emphasized that she wouldn't change anything. 

"I just want all of you to know I'm still a human," she explained. "All of this has happened since I won the national championship and I said the other day, ‘I haven't been happy since then.' And it sucks, but I still wouldn't change anything. I would still sit here and say I'm unapologetically me."

As for what makes it all worth it, Angel pointed to the players following in her footsteps. 

"Hopefully the little girls that look up to me—I give them some type of inspiration," she concluded. "Hopefully it's not this hard in all the things that come at you, but keep being who you are—just be confident."

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