This $5 Container Store Item Will Help Organize Your Kitchen, Plus More Container Store Must-Haves

These Container Store must-haves will help keep your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and more neat and organized.

By Lily Rose Apr 03, 2024 10:00 PMTags
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Your spring refresh should include organizing your kitchen. The miscellaneous items under your sink need a neat place to sit and avoid spills. The spices on your countertop might be easier to locate if they actually had designated places to go. And don't get us started on decanting oatmeal, pasta, nuts, and candy into food storage containers. They make for easy access and a home decor boost!

You can find all these things and more at The Container Store. The Container Store is an organizer's dream come true. No matter if you're a home organization pro or just entering your organizer era, this store has the organization tools and home decor you need to keep things tidy and attractive in your kitchen (and virtually every space).

Kitchen organization typically focuses on organizing the fridge, pantry, or food storage areas to create more space and make things easier to find. You should also consider working to maximize kitchen storage. That could mean adding a floating shelf (or three) to your cabinet door. It might mean putting a lazy Susan under your sink for easy access to cleaning tools such as kitchen cleansers and disinfectants. It could even be as simple as adding drawer organizers to prevent rogue forks, potato peelers, and pizza cutters from getting in your way!

We're passionate about kitchen storage. Keep reading to shop our organization ideas from The Container Store, including plastic storage bins, food storage containers, cabinet shelves, over-the-cabinet hooks, kitchen carts, shelving furniture, can feeders for an organized pantry, pet storage for their food and treats, and so much more.

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