The Viral COSRX Snail Mucin Essence is Cheaper Than it was on Black Friday; Get it Before it Sells Out

Amazon's Big Spring Sale kicked off today, and it's the perfect opportunity to stock up on your fave beauty! For example, transform your skin for just $13 with the cult-fave COSRX Snail Mucin Essence.

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We interviewed Dr. Sheila Farhang because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

If you're at all interested in skincare, you've most likely heard of the internet-viral, cult-fave COSRX snail mucin essence. It'd be an understatement to say this essence has taken the beauty world by storm, especially as one of the most-referenced essential products for achieving the "glass skin IRL" look.

And it's not just us who think so. The product has over an astounding 59,900 five-star reviews on Amazon, with multiple shoppers labeling it a "holy grail," "magic potion," "gamechanger" — you get the idea. With Amazon's Big Spring Sale kicking off today, we've been eyeing the snail mucin essence in hopes that it might drop in price. Safe to say, we weren't disappointed; the essence is currently just $13, which is cheaper than when it was on sale during Amazon's Black Friday event.

Considering its popularity & price, we predict that the essence is highly likely to sell out during this sale, which means you need to sprint to your cart ASAP! While you're at it, why not pick up the entire line, from the cleanser and moisturizer to the eye cream and sheet masks? (Or, y'know, the gift set — one for you & one for your bestie!)

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COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence

With 59,900+ five-star ratings on Amazon, the COSRX snail mucin essence has earned a highly devoted following among beauty aficionados. According to the brand, it's formulated with 96.3% snail secretion filtrate that repairs and rejuvenates your skin, helping to target skin concerns like dryness and dullness.

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COSRX All About Snail Korean Skincare Gift Set

If you're new to COSRX's snail mucin skincare line or want to gift the beauty lover in your life with skincare they'll love, this four-step All About Snail gift set is perfect for your needs. It includes trial sizes of the brand's most-loved snail mucin products, including the cleanser, essence, eye cream, and all-in-one cream.

COSRX Niacinamide 5% + Snail Mucin 74% Dual Essence

This dual essence is made of two different essences that dispense at the same time. The clear essence delivers elasticity and hydrating benefits while the cream essence works to improve your skin's barrier and radiance, according to the brand. It's also brimming with skin-loving ingredients like 74.3% triple snail complex and 5% niacinamide.

COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream

Lightweight, hydrating, and fast-absorbing, the COSRX Advanced Snail Peptide Eye Cream will take your skincare game to the next level. I've actually used this since last year after cycling through a few other popular eye creams without seeing much of a difference, and I've never looked back since. And it's not just me; multiple Amazon shoppers have raved about the incredible results this eye cream has given them.

COSRX Advanced Snail Mucin Gel Cleanser

This gentle gel-to-foam cleanser is packed with snail mucin to help restore your skin barrier while deep cleansing and balancing your skin's pH, according to the brand. Because of its mild, hypoallergenic formula, this is a great everyday cleanser that will keep your skin feeling soothed, clear, and radiant.

COSRX Snail Mucin 92% Moisturizer

This all-in-one cream works to repair and soothe sensitive, irritated skin after breakouts while simultaneously nourishing, plumping, repairing, and hydrating. The rich, gel-type formula has 92% snail secretion filtrate and absorbs instantly into your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and looking amazing.

COSRX Advanced Snail Hydrogel Eye Patch - 60 Patches

OMG, I adore these hydrogel eye patches with all my heart. According to the brand (and from personal experience), these eye masks visibly hydrate, plump, and brighten your eye area. The gel-textured formula is supercharged with skin-loving ingredients like snail mucin filtrate and niacinamide.

COSRX Snail Mucin Sheet Mask - Pack of 10

These sheet masks are dipped in 35,000 ppm of snail mucin to deliver nourishment and deep hydration to your skin. The naturally derived cellulose sheets are designed to perfectly hug your face so the formula disburses evenly into your skin for maximum absorption.

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If you want to learn more about why the COSRX snail mucin line is worth the hype, we've got you covered.

E! spoke with Dr. Sheila Farhang, board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon, and confirmed "huge fan" of snail mucin. We asked her everything you wanted to know about the viral skincare product, from why it's so popular to proper application methods and even whether any snails are harmed in the process of making the product (spoiler: they're not).

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Sheila Farhang

What skincare benefits does COSRX snail mucin offer?

According to Dr. Farhang, snail mucin tends to take form as a serum in skincare, meaning it has some seriously potent ingredients. In the case of COSRX's snail mucin essence, you can use it in the morning or evening, depending on your individual preferences. All things considered, she noted that the biggest benefit that snail mucin offers is its "hydrating and soothing aspects."

Offering a more in-depth look at the ingredients, Dr. Farhang added, "It has a whole bunch of properties, kind of naturally, which is really cool. It has hyaluronic acid, which we all know is a great hydrator. It pulls in a thousand times its weight in water; it helps plump up the skin. It has proteins and peptides, which are really good to help build up the structural part of the skin."

Another potential benefit of the essence is its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Dr. Farhang clarified that this is not necessarily why people are primarily using it, but it can help explain why their skin and acne seem to get better after usage. Sounds like a win-win situation to us!

How should you apply the COSRX snail mucin essence?

Knowing how great the essence is for your skin, this would be the next logical question to ask to ensure you're getting all the beauty benefits. Dr. Farhang walked us through her preferred application method and the science behind her recommendations.

One of the primary ingredients in the snail mucin essence, apart from snail mucin, is hyaluronic acid. According to Dr. Farhang, "That's the product that we usually say, "OK, apply it on a damp face and then put your moisturizer on top so the hydration capabilities are optimized," because with hyaluronic acid, it's pulling in moisture."

However, she added, "If your skin is dry and you also live in a dry climate — like where I live, in Arizona — it could potentially dehydrate the skin because it doesn't have any water to pull from so it's going to pull it from your own dehydrated skin, basically. So, that's why we say apply it on a damp face. It doesn't have to be wet."

In fact, Dr. Farhang advises against applying this on a wet face, equating it to an "oil-and-water phenomenon." Instead, she recommends that after washing your face, you should lightly (lightly!) pat it dry so it's slightly damp, after which you can apply the snail mucin and your other skincare.

But wait, there's more! If you're a fan of facial tools, the COSRX snail mucin is the perfect medium for providing the necessary smooth glide over your skin so it's not being tugged and traumatized. According to Dr. Farhang, you can use tools like a gua sha, jade roller, or the cult-fave Solwave skincare wand, which she "really like[s]."

What step should the COSRX snail mucin essence be in your skincare routine?

Repeat after us: "It's always thinnest to thickest."

According to Dr. Farhang, you would first cleanse and then apply toner, which has a water-like texture (although it's worth noting that she doesn't usually recommend toners for skincare). Following that, "You apply serum, and then you would apply your cream, whatever that is, and then if you want to apply your moisturizer, you can do that, and then you apply your sunscreen last." Dr. Farhang also noted that if you're wearing makeup, that would go on after sunscreen.

When asked about whether we have to wait for each skincare product to fully absorb into your skin before applying the next step, Dr. Farhang said, "This is debatable. I mean, yes, maybe in the perfect world, you would want to let it all absorb in before you put on the next." But because we don't live in a perfect world where snooze buttons are never pressed, Dr. Farhang noted, "As long as it feels kind of tacky and you feel like you've rubbed it all in, I'm OK with not waiting and just putting the next step on, just because it's a little bit more practical." The important thing to remember in these cases is to apply from thinnest to thickest, and you should be A-OK.

Are there any other products you recommend that might offer similar skincare benefits as the COSRX snail mucin essence?

Because everyone's skin is so different, Dr. Farhang noted that it may be more helpful to first consider what your personal skin concerns and goals are. The question she recommended asking yourself is, "Why am I using snail mucin?" Additionally, Dr. Farhang advised, "It's the properties and ingredients that people should look for, and then they can look backwards and see, "OK, what other serums may have this?" and then work from there."

For example, say you're looking for products to soothe your irritated or deeply hydrate it. In this case, you "could use a product with just hyaluronic acid or a product with panthenol, which is vitamin B5," according to Dr. Farhang.

With that being said, COSRX has a full line of snail mucin-infused skincare that are widely loved and referred to as "holy grail" products by Amazon shoppers. Check them out below, along with some of the many, many five-star reviews they've earned on Amazon.

When is Amazon's Big Spring Sale?

The first Amazon Big Spring Sale runs from March 20 to 25, 2024. Amazon customers can shop deals on beauty products, spring fashion, electronics, home products, and more.

What is on sale during the Amazon Big Spring Sale?

Customers can shop deals on seasonal items including spring fashion, outdoor furniture, cleaning and organization products, and Amazon devices.

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