Why Bella Hadid's Morning Wellness Routine Is Raising Eyebrows

When it comes to Bella Hadid's health, she doesn't play. The supermodel filmed her morning routine, which consisted of various tinctures, detox juices, vitamins, essential oils, sage and journaling.

By Alyssa Morin Mar 18, 2024 5:40 PMTags
Watch: Bella Hadid's 20-Step Morning Wellness Routine

Bella Hadid's wellness practices are guaranteed to turn heads.

The supermodel recently showcased her extensive morning routine, in which she filmed herself taking various vitamins, tinctures, detox juices, as well as rubbing on several essential oils, saging her home and meditating with her crystals by her side. 

To begin her March 14 TikTok, Bella held onto three different tinctures and dropped a dose of each into a glass cup, and then mixed in a white beverage. After, she took about a dozen vitamins with a green juice.

But the wellness drinks didn't stop there. The 27-year-old then grabbed a Gold Sea Moss bottle from Planted Seeds (which the brand calls a thickeningagent), a Fulvic Detox beverage (which removes toxins, according the brand site) and Allegany Nutrition's Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals (that allegedly contains 72 natural minerals).

After prioritizing her internal health, Bella then focused on her external self-care practices, such as rubbing two essential oils on both of her wrists and neck. And before she meditated by journaling, she cleansed her space with sage.

As she wrote in her video, "Mornings with me before we start making things for you."

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That's right, Bella teased her forthcoming brand, Orebella. And although she didn't offer additional details about what's to come, the brand later commented, "We love a grounded morning routine."

E!'s OMG Fashun star Julia Fox also praised the influencer for documenting her wellness practices, writing, "We love to see a glowing healthy QUEEN," while Scout Willis added, "Magic potion baby!"

Bella Hadid / TikTok

However, Bella's morning regimen also raised some eyebrows. "All of them supplements was wild ngl," one person shared on X, while another person commented, "How many multivitamins??"

Someone added, "The 'wellness' racket is weird."

Despite the mixed reviews of her lifestyle habits, Bella has been open about her health journey, especially as she navigates her Lyme disease—which her mother Yolanda Hadid and brother Anwar Hadid also have.

"Thankful to my mommy for keeping all of my medical records, sticking by me, never leaving my side, protecting, supporting, but most of all, believing me through all of this," Bella shared in an Aug. 6 Instagram post. "Living in this state, worsening with time and work while trying to make myself, my family and the people who support me, proud, had taken a toll on me in ways I can't really explain."

Bella Hadid / TikTok

Bella explained the highs and lows she's experienced with her chronic illness.

"To be that sad and sick with the most blessings/privilege/opportunity/love around me was quite possibly the most confusing thing ever," she continued her message. "One thing I want to express to you all is that 1: I am okay and you do not have to worry, and 2: I wouldn't change anything for the world."