We Found At-Home Hair Dye for $10, Because the Hair Salon Is Crazy Expensive Right Now

Dye your hair at home with the best box hair dyes and give yourself a spring makeover.

By Lily Rose Apr 19, 2024 4:25 PMTags
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If you like to change your hair color with the seasons, then there's a good chance we're about to inspire you to switch up your look. We've found the best box hair dyes to try this spring, and they're really, really good. 

These semi-permanent hair dye and permanent hair color options will take your locks from color treated hair with lackluster color to a soft, shiny, and vibrant colored hair. But before you shop, here's what you need to know about box hair dye. 

What's the difference between permanent hair color and semi-permanent hair color?

As the name implies, permanent hair color is designed to last. You should be able to keep your color until your roots grow in, showing your natural hair. 

Semi-permanent hair color is designed to fade over time. It can fade faster depending on how often you wash your hair and how well you protect your new hair color with colored hair products. 

Permanent hair dye is stronger than semi-permanent. It's designed to cover gray hair completely, and can lighten or darken your hair dramatically depending on the shade. If you're worried about making a hair color mistake, semi-permanent hair dye is easier to remove. 

Shop the best box hair dyes to try this spring

If you're bored with your drab winter color and ready to warm up your face with a warm, sun-kissed shade, shop our hair dye selections below. Our roundup includes box dye that will transform your natural color into a bright new shade for spring and summer.

Use these box color selections to get super-charged red hair, blonde hair, brown hair, dark hair, or light brown hair. We've found hair color from celeb-backed brand Good Dye Young to help you achieve fun semi-permanent color, including aqua, orange, purple, pink, and fire engine red.

No matter if you can't make it to the colorist for help covering up grays, or are working with a hair color transformation on a budget, we've found temporary hair color, semi-permanent color, and permanent hair color options for you.

Keep reading to discover the best hair dye for your hair type and for your budget. 

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