Sleep Better With Sheets, Mattresses, and More Bedroom Essentials for Sleep Week 2024

Shop cooling sheets, cloud-like mattress toppers, printed duvet covers, and more for Sleep Week 2024.

By Lily Rose Mar 12, 2024 4:00 PMTags
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If you haven't been sleeping well lately, it could be your mattress, your pillow, your bed sheets, or even your sleep hygiene. In honor of Sleep Week 2024, our shopping experts have rounded up sleep essentials that will help improve your sleep quality, rescuing you from an endless cycle of tossing and turning, letting you finally get a good night's sleep

How to sleep better

The first step in achieving better sleep is making sure you are sleeping on the best mattress for you. Do you like to sleep on your stomach or your back? Are you a side sleeper? That may mean swapping from a memory foam mattress to a hybrid mattress, depending on your answer.

We've found a ton of mattress options below at a variety of price points. However, if you're sticking to a budget and can't splurge on a new mattress, we've also found a must-shop mattress pad and the best mattress toppers we could find.

Maybe you already have a comfortable mattress, and the issue is your sheets. If you are a hot sleeper and can't get through the night without breaking a sweat (one leg out from the covers gang, make some noise), the best sheets for you are likely cooling sheets made with bamboo. We've found a variety of options in our roundup below. And if you experience neck and shoulder pain, it might be time to upgrade your pillow. We have memory foam, feather down, and more pillow options below. 

There are also things out of your control that can interrupt your sleep. For instance, your noisy, lamp-lit street. While you can't tell all the cars to keep it down, you can consider the sound machine and eye mask options we have below for a more restful sleep without all that light and sound. 

And we hate to say it… but you might get a better night's sleep if you put down your phone. Why not invest in a fun new duvet cover to distract you? Our Sleep Week roundup includes a ton of colorful and fun duvet cover prints that look just as good as scrolling through Instagram.  

Ready to sleep better with sheets, mattresses, and more bedroom essentials for Sleep Week?

Shop our roundup below.

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