Summer House's Lindsay Hubbard Breaks Silence After Accusing Sober Ex Carl Radke of Doing Cocaine

Summer House star Lindsay Hubbard spoke out after she and ex-fiancé Carl Radke got into an explosive fight when she questioned his sobriety and accused him of doing drugs on the Bravo show.

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Watch: Lindsay Hubbard Backtracks on Carl Radke "Cocaine" Comments

Lindsay Hubbard is addressing the eyebrow-raising allegations she made on Summer House.

After the Bravo star accused her then-fiancé Carl Radke—who recently celebrated three years of sobrietyof doing drugs on the reality series' Feb. 29 episode, the publicist is now explaining her state of mind during the shocking fight.

"After watching back this week's episode, I wish I had used better wording," Hubbard wrote on Instagram March 1 in response to their drama playing out on TV. "I was emotional and hurt by what had transpired earlier in the night and what I said was meant to be a private conversation at home with one of my best girlfriends."

She further insisted that when it came to Radke—who called off their engagement last August—she always had his back.

"I have never questioned his sobriety before this moment and from day one I was his biggest supporter," the 37-year-old continued. "I have always been transparent on the show about my feelings and leaned on my friends for support and that was my only intention here."

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The controversial comments about Radke's sobriety emerged after he and Hubbard got into an argument in an Uber on their way to a night out while she was stressed about their female costars thinking negatively of her.

"She looked at me, we're like this close, she's like, 'What are you on?'" Rake recounted during a confessional. "I'm like, 'Nothing, what are you talking about?'"

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However, the awkward rideshare experience wasn't the end of the accusations as Hubbard later expressed to BFF Gabby Prescod, "Something's going on with him. The way he spoke to me tonight was very reminiscent of Carl on cocaine. I don't know what happened with him, but he was not sober tonight."

For Radke, who has been open about his sobriety journey, revealed why her suspicion was especially so hurtful given they were in the process of planning their life together.

"My heart's racing as I say this and I'm shaking from it because it's beyond hurtful," the 39-year-old admitted in a confessional, "it's f--ked up and that's the person I'm supposed to marry? It pains me deep down the accusation or insinuation that I'm on something. That kills me."

And things boiled over the following morning, when Radke confronted Hubbard. "I'm f--king sober!" he yelled at Hubbard. "In that moment you were not. You drank all day long and were rude and aggressive to me when I'm trying to be supportive. You shut me down and tell me I'm fighting you. That is so f--ked up!"

See how the drama plays out when Summer House airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading to relive Carl and Lindsay's relationship pre-breakup.

September 2021: More Than Friends?

Before going public, Carl and Lindsay attended costars Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula's September 2021 wedding as each others' dates.

2022: Officially Dating

After being friends and costars for years, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard confirmed they were officially a couple at the start of 2022.

August 2022: Engaged

Carl got down on one knee and proposed to Lindsay in August 2022 in Southampton while filming season seven of Summer House.

September 2022: Italian Getaway

The Bravolebrities enjoyed a romantic vacation in Italy. "One of the most beautiful places I've ever visited! And breathtaking (literally)," he shared on Instagram. "Finally getting through our travel photos with so many highlights but hiking through Cinque Terre was incredible. Bellisimo! "

December 2022: Happy Holidays

Carl and Lindsay rang in Christmas 2022 surrounded by familymembers.

February 2023: Wedding Planning

Carl and Lindsay opened up about planning their Mexico wedding in February 2023.

"It's taken this long for us to come together," she exclusively shared with E! News. "I don't think there is anybody in our lives that would let us get away with a small wedding, including Bravo."

Lindsay also confirmed plans to film the nuptials for season eight of the show. "If we were just getting married with all of our guests and friends that would be one thing," she continued, "but when you're considering the idea of filming it, there's another level of criteria that you have to get checked off."

April 2023: Montauk Mayhe\m

The duo lets loose with their Summer House costars in Montauk in April 2023.

May 2023: Date Night

Carl and Lindsay attend a friends wedding in Florida.

June 2023: Festivals & Friends

The duo attend the Palm Tree Music Festival in New York with fellow Summer House couple Kory Keefer and Sam Feher.

Summer 2023: Summer Lovin'

Carl and Lindsay are all smiles while celebrating summer.

June 2023: Bravo Besties

In honor of Andy Cohen's birthday, Carl shared a tribute to the Bravo bigwig.

August 2023: Bridal Bash

The lovebirds celebrated Lindsay's bridal shower in NYC surrounded by their costars, including Danielle Olivera, Amanda Batula, Ciara Miller, Gabby Prescod and Samantha Feher

August 2023: Splitsville

Less than three months before they were supposed to say "I do," news of Carl and Lindsay's breakup came to light in August 2023.

September 2023: Lindsay Speaks Out

Exactly two weeks after the split news came to light, Lindsay broke her silence and revealed she's "heartbroken" and humiliated" with how Carl ended things.

"My trust has been betrayed, and coming to terms with that has been difficult for me," she wrote on Instagram Sept. 14. "This was not my decision, and I do not agree with quitting a relationship (at this level) without trying everything possible first. I have spent the last couple of weeks finding my own closure and peace. I am forever grateful to my best friends who have not left my side, and have been picking up the pieces of my heart and life every day from the fallout."

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