TV Host Jesse Baird and Luke Davies Murder Case: Police Find Bodies of Missing Couple

Police believe they've located the bodies of Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, after the TV host’s ex-boyfriend—a police officer—was charged with their murder.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Feb 27, 2024 9:19 PMTags
Watch: Australian Murder Case: Police Find Bodies of Missing Couple

An Australian murder investigation has a heartbreaking development. 

Over a week after Jesse Baird, 26, and his boyfriend Luke Davies, 29, went missing in New South Wales (NSW), police believe they found the bodies of the two men. The update in case comes after their suspected murderer, 28-year-old police officer Beaumont Lamarre-Condon, who previously dated Baird, disclosed the location of the bodies. 

"We are very confident that we have located Luke and Jesse," NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb said during a press conference on Feb. 27. "This information did come with the assistance of the accused, for which we are very grateful and I'm sure the families are very grateful."

Detective Superintendent Daniel Doherty said during the conference that the bodies were discovered in two surf bags covered in debris on a property in the town of Bungonia.

Baird and Davies were last seen in Baird's home on Feb. 19. Fears for their safety then arose after some of their belongings were discovered bloodied in a skip container about 18 miles away, per CNN. The outlet also reported that Lamarre-Condon was subsequently arrested and charged with the couple's murder on Feb. 22 after a "projectile" and a fired cartridge that matched the officer's police-issued firearm were found in Baird's home.

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According to CBS News, police suspect that Lamarre-Condon first dumped the bodies on Feb. 20 with the assistance of an unnamed acquaintance—who police clarified was not an accomplice and was unaware of what they were transporting. He then allegedly returned the following day to move the bodies a second time, fearing the acquaintance would reveal details about where they'd gone. 

 Lamarre-Condon appeared in court on Feb. 22 where he was refused bail, per the BBC. He reportedly has not commented on the charges against him at this time.

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The case is believed to be the first murder carried out by an NSW police officer in decades and has spurred a review of the gun handling procedures that allowed the officer to sign out his pistol to be allegedly used in the crime while off duty, per the BBC.  

"We're in this position that a police firearm was used and that can never happen again," Commissioner Webb said. "We have to look to ways to mitigate that risk in whatever way we can."

Though the crime was believed to be one of passion, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras organizers have asked that police not participate in their annual parade in just a few days. 

Though Webb and organizers met on Feb. 26 and held a "very respectful" discussion about the decision, per CBS, the board has decided to stand by its decision, which it said in a statement "was not made lightly."

The statement continued, "especially considering that many NSW Police members who participate in the Parade are also members of the LGBTQIA+ community and are navigating the impact of this tragedy alongside us. However, we believe that their participation at this year's event could intensify the current feelings of sorrow and distress."

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