We Went Full Boyle & Made The Ultimate Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gift Guide

When we say this Brooklyn 99 gift guide will make you shout, "Hot damn!," we're not exaggerating. If you couldn't tell, we're not good at modesty — because we're great at it. Winky face.

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Mamma Maglione, have you heard the news? Our favorite squad is back in the building, and we're not talking about Nakatomi Plaza. We're talking about Brooklyn Nine-Nine, aka the show with "one cop heroically saving the day while everyone else stands around and watches" (at least, according to Jake Peralta's POV). All jokes aside, Brooklyn 99 is a dynamic show filled with the perfect balance of laughter, meaningful moments, engaging plots, and lovable characters who have earned a truly special place in our hearts. It's one of my forever-favorite comfort shows, and for all the times I've watched the series (& all of the YouTube compilations), I'd say I've earned the title of being a die-hard B99 fan.

As a fan, I couldn't be more excited to share that starting today, seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix, while seasons 5-8 are available on Peacock. To celebrate the magnificent occasion, I searched high and low for the Halloween Heist cumberbund — wait, I meant gifts that are perfect for the B99 fan in your life (including yourself). Whether you're one-half of a dynamic duo like Hitchcock & Scully or Jake & Doug Judy, or you're someone who appreciates the arts (like the original Raymond Holt Rock #367 painting, or the sight of fluffy boy Cheddar wearing a beret), we've got something for anyone who loves the show as much as Terry loves yogurt.

So, pump your fist in the air with us as we say, "Nine-Nine!"

Where Can I Watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine?

Starting today, you can watch seasons 1-4 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix. If you're looking to watch the latter half of the seasons, head on over to Peacock!

The Best Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gifts for Every Fan

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Tour Shirt

This graphic T-shirt makes us all feel things, and we're 100% sure Jake Peralta would agree (and then proceed to buy it in all of the eight colors). Embrace your B99 era (Etsy version) with this super soft cotton shirt that will never go out of style.

Yipee Kayaks Other Buckets Funny Tshirt

In our opinion, Boyle didn't completely botch the catchphrase; he was just adding a little pizazz to it (classic Boyle). This heat-pressed shirt, available in sizes S-3XL, reminds us of that fact, and it's crafted from breathable cotton so you can catch bad guys and look good doing it (or just run some errands in it — regardless, you'll look good).

What Kind of Woman Doesn't Have An Axe? Art Print

If we had to describe Rosa Diaz in one quote, it would be this one. She's strong, smart, and the ultimate badass/girl crush (as is Amy, in her own unique way), and this art print is here to remind you to embrace that energy yourself every day.

Charles Boyle Holding a Possum Tote Bag

Um, Boyle, that's not Cheddar. But, it is a hilariously unfortunate moment in the series that will make you laugh every time you reach for this tote bag. It features a double-sided print, is available in three sizes, and has durable shoulder straps.

Captain Holt's Rock Painting Art Print

While this Rock #367-inspired art print may not be a classic Raymond Holt, it's undoubtedly the next best thing. Hang it up in your office, home, bedroom, or anywhere to add a bit of artistic gravitas to your space.

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Bone - Captain Holt Coffee Mug

Captain Holt's "bone" freakout was inarguably one of the most memorable & iconic scenes from the show, and now you can be reminded of it every time you sip from this hilarious mug. They're machine-washable with a wraparound design and two size options (11oz & 15oz).

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Captain Holt's Pineapple Slut Men's Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Speaking of iconic Captain Holt moments, we can't leave out Vacation Era Holt, featuring Honeymoon Era Peraltiago. The episode has a lot of standout moments, but the one that tops it all is when the captain shows up in this T-shirt, complete with green board shorts & a tropical drink in hand. If there's anything we learned from that scene, it's that the pineapple is the slut (clearly).

Amy Santiago Vintage Shirt

Amy Santiago can be a badass, from taking down a criminal in a wedding dress to going undercover in a maximum security prison to being on top of her binder & filing game. Oh, and outsmarting both Jake & Captain Holt during the third Halloween Heist. Pay homage to the one & only Amy with this graphic T-shirt that's so cool, cool, cool, cool.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Pimento Magnet

Almost every line that Pimento says is either iconic, hilarious, unhinged, or all of the above, but this particular one lives in our heads rent-free. And now, it can live on our fridges as a magnet.

Brooklyn 99 Boyle Inspired Soy Candle

If Boyle's musk was powerful enough to earn Jake & him access to the back office of a club on their search for Captain Latvia, it's strong enough to fill up your space with nice scents. Don't worry: The candle doesn't actually smell like Boyle's musk (or Canyon Stank). Rather, it smells like amber, patchouli, (non-Boyle) musk, woods & floral with hints of eucalyptus and cinnamon.

Friends Play Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Calling all squad members — it's time to play some cards. This Jimmy Jab-worthy card game is like if Cards Against Humanity met Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and the result is a hilariously fun time. The set includes 36 blue prompt cards and 144 yellow response cards, with three yellow cards left blank for added creative possibilities.

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Captain Holt Birthday Card

Give your ecstatic regards to the B99 fan in your life with this festive birthday card, featuring Captain Holt — ahem, we mean Greg. They'll surely feel like the coolest person on Earth when they receive it (bonus points if you do Greg's dance while handing them this card).

I Love You Like Terry Loves Yoghurt Greeting Card

Or, if you want to show your loved one just how much you cherish them, no one knows love like Terry knows love (for his yogurt). This greeting card is perfect for a variety of occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries & more — even for those times when you just want to surprise your special someone with a little extra love.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Gina Knows Best Hoodie

Gina Linetti is a state of mind, and now, we can all be Gina Linetti with this hoodie. It's ringspun and pre-shrunk for a softer, more comfy fit, and it's the perfect gift for any B99 fan who is also "the human form of the '100' emoji."

B99 - Ultimate Human Slash Genius Spiral Notebook

Speaking of iconic Gina moments, who can forget the time when she threw the entire squad for a loop and emerged victorious in the fourth Halloween Heist? Not only that, she got the squad to change the winner's title to the "Ultimate Human/Genius." With this notebook, you can claim that coveted title for yourself (just watch your back to make sure no one from the Nine-Nine squad swipes it from you).

Brooklyn Nine Nine Matte Sticker Pack

Stickers are one of the best ways to show your love for a show on the daily, and this variety pack has you covered for all your B99 fan-related needs. Our personal favorites include "Gina's authentic stolen police badges," "Cheddar — the dog," and the stacks displaying "title of your sex tape" moments from the show.

Terry Crews Brooklyn 99 7 year old boy iPhone Case

One thing we love about Brooklyn 99 is how chaotic the show can be, which makes for hilariously bizarre, meme-able moments when taken out of context. This phone case highlights one such gem, featuring Terry as "7 Year Old Boy" — we're also big fans of his roles as "Confused Old Woman," "Angry Prostitute," and "Unattended Backpack."

Brooklyn Nine Nine: Cheddar in a Beret Cap

Fluffy boy, Halloween Heist staple, and social media star (he was even featured on the Chunky Pups insta!) — Cheddar can do it all, and that includes rocking a beret like nobody's business. This paw-fect cap featuring Cheddar in a beret is everything we dreamt it to be, and it's available in seven colors & two style options (baseball cap & dad hat).

Brooklyn Nine Nine - Scully and Hitchcock Mug

Hitchcock and Scully are the iconic duo of the Nine-Nine, and everyone deserves a ride-or-die bestie who will help you clean out the fridge during a citywide power outage. Gift one of these mugs to that special partner and keep the other for yourself (they come in single or pair options). Mamma Maglione, these mugs are perfect.

Jake and the Pontiac Bandit Shirt

If we're talking iconic duos, we absolutely can't leave out the Pontiac Bandit & Jake the cop (taking down crooks in the streets where they live). While the talking police dog that helps them solve crimes may not have made an appearance in this shirt, it's still great to see them reunited (and it feels so good). All we're waiting for now is their strapless, magnetic sandals collab.

Balloon Arch Kit

Look, we're not saying you should make the B99 fan in your life a magnificent balloon arch. We're just saying that if you do, it'll be one of the best gifts ever that even the highly discerning Captain Holt would approve of, and you'll feel inexplicably vindicated after putting it together.

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