Porsha Williams Shares Athleisure You'll Love if You Enjoy Working Out or Just Want To Look Like You Do

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams Guobadia's Amazon athleisure finds are on-trend and under budget.

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We included these products chosen by Porsha Williams because we think you'll like her picks at these prices. Porsha is a paid spokesperson for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

Whether you're looking for some stylish inspiration to work out or you just want to elevate your fashion, you can't go wrong with some great athleisure. Porsha Williams Guobadia said, "You know what's great about athleisure wear? It's a cross between you're actually going to work out or you're just going to look like it all day." The Real Housewives of Atlanta star's go-to athleisure wear is from Amazon.

Porsha shared her favorite finds in a recent Amazon Live session, telling her fellow shoppers, "You can take these outfits to the gym. Me? I'm gonna take them to get something to eat." Same here, Porsha. The Bravo star insisted, "My athleisure wear that I purchase from Amazon has not snagged. It has not torn. It has not shrunk. It does not matter how much it was. Whether it was $30, $50, or $20, I can say that I wear Amazon athleisure wear and the quality does not fade or anything at all."

Porsha shared, "Here's my number one key to Amazon: if you like it, buy it. And buy it again." With that in mind, let's check out her recommendations.

Porsha Williams' Amazon Finds

Shiyifa Cropped Puffer Vest

"This orange is giving me everything I need. I love this orange. This vest comes in different colors. I feel like this is something I want to buy in every color. It's lightweight, but it's warm. It's great quality."

Porsha's pick is available in 17 colors and it has 1,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Qinsen Long Sleeve Jumpsuit

Porsha paired the puffer vest with this jumpsuit, remarking, "I look expensive right now. You know what I love about this jumpsuit? It just fits good. I'm a tall girl and this comes all the way down to my ankle. I have this in black too. I wore it for Halloween with some thigh high boots."

"I have this in a large. Definitely go a size up. Don't worry about going a size up. It's so stretchy, it's gonna hug every curve."

Porsha's pick comes in 6 colors. It was also recommended by Porsha's Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star Kandi Burruss and Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent.

Zmart Socks for Women

Porsha styled the jumpsuit with a pair of orange tube socks, sharing, "I never wear tube socks. I like these."

These socks come in 17 colorways.

FeelinGirl Workout Set

Porsha's sister Lauren Williams has this set in grey. Porsha said, "I have this in peach. This is cute. I can wear this to the gym. I like that this is nice and smooth. For the thick girls, let me tell you what I love about it. It's ribbed. When it's ribbed, it does not show any cellulite. You will look super smooth. If you're like me and you have cellulite and you don't want to wear your shapewear, you can wear this. It comes in almost every color."

These sets come in grey, brown, and blue.

Angashion Women's Fuzzy Fleece Lapel Open Front Long Cardigan Coat

Porsha had this jacket in a medium, but she decided to shop for it in an additional size for a more oversized look, sharing "This is a good jacket to wear with athleisure. It's very soft. I want this oversized. I want this in an XL. I'll order the tan later."

Porsha's pick is available in sizes ranging from small to 3X. There are 23 colorways. This is a top-seller with 8,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Hotfiary Jumpsuit

"This outfit is dangerous. This should actually go viral. It complete gathers everything and makes it nice and smooth. It makes it nice and smooth. I love this. I bought a jumpsuit similar to that and I paid $150 and it doesn't fit me like this. This is only $33."

This jumpsuit comes in 8 colorways.

Page One Winter Thick Cable Knit Beanie

"That is so cute."

Porsha's hat comes in 8 colors and it has 3,100+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Soly Hux Faux Fur Sherpa Jacket

Porsha described this is a "heavy hitter," remarking, "I love that little crop top. I love a cropped jacket."

There are 11 colorways to choose from.

The Drop Women's Addison Soft Volume Top-Handle Bag

"Look at that little purse. I like that. This is from The Drop. Any of The Drop's items, I love love love. It's adorable. They say that the gym isn't a fashion show, but I think that it actually is."

Porsha's bag comes in 18 colors with faux feather and faux leather materials. 

Lcxshye Winter Ear Muffs

"I love ear muffs. They're cute. These are so soft. I look adorable. Do people just wear ear muffs to be adorable? Or are they just trying to stay warm? These are really nice."

Porsha's pick is available in 10 colorways and it has 1,700+ 5-star Amazon reviews. Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent recommended these too.

Qinsen Flare Jumpsuit

"This is a vibe. You're definitely single and trying to catch up in the gym with this one. It's no mercy. That's adorable. I love that. It's cute to bring a pop of color, even in the winter."

These jumpsuits come in 14 colorways and there are 2 inseam options to choose from. Porsha's pick has 1,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

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Wisepack Gym Bag

"This bag has a lot of space. This is some really smooth material. This is the perfect size. You don't anything any bigger and you don't need to take anything too small. The worst thing is going to the gym with a bag that's too small. Get a nice bag with a lot of different compartments in it. You have space to put your wet clothes, your mildewy clothes. That's the perfect sporty bag right there."

This bag comes in 3 sizes and 20 colorways.

KissYan Thick Teardrop Earrings

"This will be a 2024 staple. I've been wearing them since '23, so we're just gonna keep it going. These are the famous teardrop earrings. These are absolutely gorgeous. You know I love them. I take them everywhere. They're going out of town with me today. This one is the medium size. They come in a smaller size, large, and extra large."

These earrings come in 28 styles.

Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Chunky Hoops

"I do wear these little earrings to the gym. Make sure you go and buy a couple of these because if you're like me, you will lose a pair. I think they're perfect. These earrings do not change. I literally wear these to the beach and to work out."

You can get these earrings in yellow gold, rose gold, and silver. There are 2 sizes to choose from. These earrings have 1,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Qinsen Open Back Long Sleeve Flared Bottom Bodycon Jumpsuit

"I feel like this is a lady neckline. Classy. Hold your shoulders back. It's pretty. It's definitely a very feminine catsuit. These are long. Here's an alert for all my tall girls. It hits all the way to the ground. It even hangs a little. It would be a bad jumpsuit with some heels."

Amazon has 5 colorways to choose from.

Yeshire Women's 2 Piece Outfit

"That is cute. Taking it back to Juicy Couture. It fits they way they used to fit. Everything looks all round and juicy. It's super cute. It's made for tall girls."

There are 39 colorways available on Amazon.

K Kip Wok Chunky Sneakers

"I love this chunky look." 

Porsha's sneakers come in 12 colorways.

Sojos Retro Square Cateye Polarized Sunglasses

"These are like 'Don't talk to me. Don't even look at me.' And these are so lightweight. I feel like wider frames are what you wear in the winter."

Porsha paired these with the grey jumpsuit. There are 14 colorways to choose from. This style has 1,800+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

Pls Back 10 PCS Dainty 14K Gold Rings

"These are so beautiful. It's the style now to wear all these rings [together]. These rings have given me my femininity back."

Casly Lamiit Women's 2 Piece Outfit

"I love this. I like it tucked in. That looks good. It's a pretty grey. It's not a regular jogging suit, you can put your thumbs through the sleeves."

There are 10 colorways to choose from.

FeelinGirl 2 Piece Seamless Yoga Outfit

"I like that. That's spicy. This has the Brazilian Butt Lift part. It's got that gather right in the center area, I'll call it."

These come in 11 colorways.

Vepose Women's Fashion Sneakers

Porsha recommended these sneakers, which come in 10 colorways and have 1,000+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

FineDine Triple Walled, Insulated Water Bottles with Straw

Porsha recommended these water bottles, which come in 4 sizes and 18 colorways. Her pick has 27,300+ 5-star Amazon reviews.

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