Sister Wives' Christine Brown Shares "Messy" Glance at Marriage to David Woolley

Sister Wives star Christine Brown recently shared photos of her and husband David Woolley mud riding during their vacation to Punta Cana.

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Christine Brown and husband David Woolley know how to have good clean fun.

But recently, the Sister Wives star gave fans a glimpse into one of their messier dates—going mud riding. In Feb. 17 Instagram post, Christine shared photos of the couple driving through sludgy puddles on four-wheelers in Punta Cana.

"Sometimes life gets messy," she wrote in part of the caption, "and sometimes you gotta just embrace it!!" 

And it looks like the two had a ball. "Do you think I was laughing under my mask?" David commented, to which Christine replied, "He was laughing his head off!! So was I!" 

However, this wasn't their only activity as Christine and David also shared photos of themselves swimming in the pool. 

"I enjoy vacationing with family, and enjoy time with my soulmate too," he wrote in his own post. "We have the best of times when we get dirty. #vacation #dirtyride #mud #fourwheeling #waterfall."

Love Lives of Sister Wives Stars

Their vacation to the Dominican Republic is one of many trips Christine and David have taken together. Over the past year, the Utah-based duo posted pictures from Disneyland, New York and a cruise to Haiti with Sister Wives costar Janelle Brown.

"I always wanted a traveling partner, I never expected I'd find the whole package," David wrote on Instagram in November alongside photos of him and Christine in NYC. "I love being married to this woman! #truelove #travelingpartner #newyork #loveofmylife #myqueen."

Instagram/Christine Brown

Christine and David tied the knot in October 2023, about eight months after they made their romance Instagram official. The reality star was previously in a relationship with Kody Brown, with whom she shares six of his 18 children. 

Their romance was part of a plural marriage that also included his relationships with Janelle, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown. Though Kody is legally married to only Robyn, he still considered himself spiritually wed to Christine, Janelle and Meri. 

But in 2021, Christine announced she was ending her relationship with Kody after more than 25 years together. Janelle then confirmed the following year that she and Kody had also separated, and Meri and Kody announced in early 2023 that they'd decided to "permanently terminate" their marriage too, resulting in Robyn being his only wife.

And recently, Christine reflected on how David and Kody are different

"I didn't intentionally have it be Kody's opposite," she told E! News earlier this year. "But then when we were talking about it, I realized it kind of was, I guess. I just wanted a partner, and I wanted someone who's good at communicating. I wanted someone who was attracted to me. But the bald and tattoos and motorcycles, I was just ready for a bit of a rebel and someone who was just edgy. I just wanted someone who was just sexy and just embraced the sexiness of it. I mean, come on. Bald, tattoos and motorcycles? I don't know what's sexier than that."

To look back at Christine and David's road to marriage, keep reading.

September 2023: Wedding Excitement

"I’m excited to be marrying @david__woolley," Christine writes, "he loves spending time with me every day, doesn’t play games with my heart and wants me to be me. #grateful #soulmate #noplayinggames #loveofmylife2w"

The following month, the two tie the knot in Moab, Utah.

August 2023: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

"Sometimes a rain shower makes an event somehow better," Christine says. "Thank goodness it stopped after an hour or so though. We loved hanging out with @mitchellton13 and Aspyn for a wonderful evening at #lacaille #rain #blessed #winetasting"

July 2023: London, Baby!

David joins Christine and four of her kids on a trip to England...and Wales, and Scotland and Ireland.

April 2023: Best Birthday Ever? Best Birthday Ever.

"Thanks for the fun nacho date love!" Christine writes on Instagram. "I feel blessed to have someone to laugh with!"

David says on his page, "Happy Birthday! I love eating nachos with you, My Queen!"

April 2023: Engaged!

The two announce their engagement.

March 2023: His Queen

"I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life," Christine says. "He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen."

March 2023: Weekend Getaway

"Life is short, why not take a wonderful weekend get away for some fun new adventures," Christine writes on Instagram. "I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with. We could not get enough of the gorgeous views. Utah is a beautiful place, there are so many secrets to explore."

February 2023: Instagram Official

In February 2023, more than a year after Christine ends her 25-year plural (non-legal) marriage with Kody Brown, her Sister Wives costar and father of her six kids, she announces she is in a new relationship.

"I just have to tell you," the TLC star shares on her Instagram Stories, "I am dating someone exclusively."

The reality star, who had at the time had recently moved to Utah with her youngest daughter, continues, "He's wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I've been looking for, incredible with Truely."

On Valentine's Day, Christine shares her first photo of her new partner. "I finally found the love of my life, David," she says. "The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath. He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this."

February 2023: David's Take

He writes on his Instagram," My Queen #christinebrown #soulmates #queen"

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