What It's Really Like to Travel from Tokyo to Las Vegas Like Taylor Swift

TikToker Victoria Browne detailed her experience traveling from Taylor Swift’s final Eras Tour show in Tokyo to Las Vegas for the 2024 Super Bowl.

By Olivia Evans Feb 12, 2024 3:16 PMTags
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Taylor Swift wasn't the only one who flew around the world to see Super Bowl LVIII

In fact, TikToker Victoria Browne attended the Feb. 10 Eras Tour in Tokyo and made it to Las Vegas with her husband Max Browne, recreating the "Karma" singer's momentous double header. 

"It's just such a once in a lifetime opportunity to be able to attend two events of this caliber and do it in the same weekend and get to have a 48-hour visit in a different country that otherwise Max and I wouldn't have been able," Victoria told E! News on Feb. 11, shortly after she landed in Vegas through flights booked with her Priceline partnership. "I really love Taylor Swift and her music."

In total, the couple traveled 96 hours from their home in Los Angeles to Tokyo and then to Las Vegas to see the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers face off in the Super Bowl. And Victoria was willing to take on the strenuous journey for more than just a glimpse of Taylor cheering on Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift & Her Squad Cheer on Travis Kelce at 2024 Super Bowl

As it turns out, her husband is a former college football player and analyst—so the double-booking made for a perfect weekend getaway for the duo.

The pair's travel itinerary included a 12-hour flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo on Feb. 7, which gave them 48 hours to enjoy the city and scout out some sushi. After seeing the Feb. 10 Eras Tour show, they flew out of Tokyo at 5 p.m. local time on Feb. 11, and made it to San Francisco in 10 hours for one final hour and 45 minute flight to Las Vegas—arriving at 12:45 p.m. local time on Feb. 11, thanks to a 17-hour time difference between the cities. 

As for how she surmised Taylor was handling the difficult travel itinerary on top of three consecutive performances? 

"She's just superhuman, really," Victoria told E!. "She had to perform the actual Eras Tour multiple nights in a row in the opposite time zone. So I'm very intrigued. But leave it to Taylor Swift, she always seems to get it done."

Leading up to the Feb. 11 game, many fans joked on social media that Taylor was going to rush through her Feb. 10 performance in Tokyo in order to make it in time to see her guy on the Chiefs win his third Super Bowl, but the TikToker assured the 14-time Grammy winner took the moment and tasted it. 

"She's such a great entertainer and everything went perfectly from the audience's perspective," the 26-year-old clarified. "You had no idea that she was maybe trying to make this trip."

And Taylor wasn't the only star to jet off to Allegiant Stadium to see the Chiefs win. Read on for all the stars who were cheering for the Kansas City team (and for the San Francisco 49ers) from the sidelines. 

Taylor Swift

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Best believe the music superstar is supporting her guy on the Chiefs: Travis Kelce. Even if it means flying from Tokyo to Las Vegas.


"I'm going to see him do what he loves, we're showing up for each other," Taylor told TIME in December. "We're just proud of each other."

Paul Rudd

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

The Ant-Man star is such a noted fan that he even narrated a documentary about the team's 2023 Super Bowl win. In fact, Paul and his son Jack were on-hand to see Kansas City take home the Lombardi Trophy.


"I just want to thank Patrick Mahomes for existing," he told FOX Sports while celebrating. "I cannot believe he is a real person."


Team: San Francisco 49ers

The rapper and the organization may just be best friends. After all, she recorded their playoff track "Do It For The Bay" with P-Lo.

Heidi Gardner

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

The comedian is no stranger to showing her love for her football team—whether it's game day posts on social media or wearing custom Chiefs-themed outfits on Saturday Night Live.

Harry Shum Jr.

Team: San Francisco 49ers

There's a rival brewing at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The Grey's Anatomy star revealed in a cheeky clip on social media that he and costar Anthony Hill, a Kansas City fan, will be on opposite benches come game day.

The Lonely Island

Team: San Francisco 49ers

For the trio, who grew up together in Berkeley, Calif., have shown their support for Niner Nation.

Brad Pitt

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

The Oscar winner, who grew up in Springfield, Mo., has made his support for the Chiefs clear in the past. After all, Brad—who is also a New Orleans Saints fan—told TMZ ahead of the 2023 Super Bowl that he was all in on the "Chiefs, baby!"

Tamera Mowry and Adam Housley

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Over the years, the Sister, Sister star has shown her support for her childhood team. As she wrote afer they secured their spot in the Super Bowl Jan. 28, "Go @49ers !!!!!!! My heart forever belongs to the bay."

Jason Sudeikis

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

For Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, it's nice to have a fan in the Ted Lasso star. After all, he gave the duo his full support after remarking on seeing her perform in Kansas City hust a few months before her romance with the running back.


"I don't blame her for wanting to hang out here more," he told The Hollyood Reporter in November. "I don't blame her for wanting to hang out with Travis. He's a good egg."

Keith Powers

Team: San Francisco 49ers

While much of the Sacremento native's family cheered on the then-Oakland Raiders player, he took his football cues from one person in particular.


“My Grandma’s the reason I’m a niners fan," he prevously told NBC Bay Area. "I remember it would be me and her in the front with the 49ers gear on and the rest of the family Raider fans and I played for a Pop Warner Raider team in Sac so it was a lot of conflict. But I remember those mornings just being with the family, just everybody talking smack but I loved it."


Team: San Francisco 49ers

A devoted member of the 49ers Faithful, the rapper released the track "Niner Gang" in support of the team back in 2020.

Olivia Culpo

Team: San Francisco 49ers

Running back Christian McCaffrey has a No. 1 fan in the former Miss Universe, to whom he got engaged last year.


"Watching the love of your life live out his dream," Olivia wrote on Instagram after the 49ers earned their spot in the Super Bowl Jan. 28, "is the best feeling in the world."

Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

The Kentucky native has had a long road to the Chiefs, previously telling USA Today that after spending years following his favorite players, he followed Hall of Famer Joe Montana to the Chiefs—the team his now-wife's family was super-fans of. But while the boy bander has admitted he "married into the Chiefs," he's made his love for the team all his own.

Max Thieriot

Team: San Francisco 49ers

The Fire Country star's love for his hometown team is all over social media. In fact, he's even gotten his whole family into the spirit—revealing that come game day or night, they're 49er Faithful ready.

Melissa Etheridge

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Not only has she written a song for the team—2022's "Chocolate Cake"—but her love for the team goes way back.


"It's no surprise now I'm a huge Chiefs fan," she told the NFL in 2018. "Born and raised in Leavenworth, Kansas, was there in the 1970s Super Bowl. So, I'm a Chiefs fan through and through."

Henry Winkler

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

Not only is the Barry star a massive Chiefs fan, but he's specifically a massive fan of the team's quarterback. In fact, when he met Patrick in 2022, he gushed, "I just met one of my heroes."

Ian Bohen

Team: San Francisco 49ers

As the Teen Wolf alum, who grew up in Carmel, Calif., wrote in 2022, "Always Faithful To The Bay."

Eric Stonestreet

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

The Modern Family alum is such a fan that he's even played the fictional brother of coach Andy Reid.

"It's just a fun thing," Stonestreet explained of the bit on The Rich Eisen Show in 2021. "I don't know if it will last forever. It's just my little love letter to the Chiefs. I can't bring much to actually winning, but I can bring a little fun and lightheartedness to training camp on those brutal days."

Rob Riggle

Team: Kansas City Chiefs

There are a whole lot of Chiefs fans in Hollywood—and according to the 21 Jump Street alum, they're all on a group chat together. 

"Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Eric Stonestreet, Dave Koechner, myself, Brad Pitt, Heidi Gardner, you know, Melissa Etheridge, Dr. Phil, " he revealed on the Zero Blitz podcast in September. "Go down the line, and, yes, we're all on the same chain, and, yes, we do talk a lot of smack."


Team: San Francisco 49ers

The WWE star can often be spotted on game days, wearing her 49ers red.