Why Glen Powell’s Mom Described Him as a “Little Douchey”

Hit Man's Glen Powell revealed in an exclusive interview the ways in which his family keeps him humble—especially his mother.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Feb 03, 2024 5:00 PMTags
Watch: Glen Powell Reveals Why His Mom Called Him "Douchey"

Anyone but her son.

Glen Powell may have hit the Hollywood scene starring in some of the industry's biggest movies, but there is one person in particular who is determined to keep him down to earth: his mother Cyndy.

"They do keep me humble, it's very funny to be on this journey with them," he told The Rundown's Erin Lim Rhodes of his family while at the Sundance premiere of his new film Hit Man, adding of his mom, "obviously sometimes you don't realize the changes that are happening, but often your mother is the first person to realize that the temperature has changed a little."

And when that temperature has changed, she's there to call him on even the smallest of details. 

"I think it's probably my outfits," he said on what she most often calls him out for. "You know you go for style moments every once in awhile, like popping my collar she keeps trying to take down my collar. She's like, 'Glen, you know, could look a little douchey.'"

But in his defense, he joked, "And I'm like, 'Well, Hollywood is sort of douchey sometimes. That's what we're doing here.'"

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The ribbing is all fun and games, though, because as the Top Gun: Maverick actor explained, his family are also his biggest supporters. 

"The thing that keeps me the most sane, with anything that changes I know that they're going to be there and they're the consistency in my life," he explained. "They're enjoying the ride as much as I am, they'd never miss a premiere. They never miss an opportunity to celebrate me and I'm really grateful for that."

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And that ability to enjoy the ride is also a quality the 35-year-old—who split with his ex-girlfriend Gigi Paris in April—is looking for in a romantic partner

"I think that's the thing that has been on my mind the most recently," Glen told Men's Health of finding a partner in an interview published in November. "When the sun is shining, you gotta make hay. And you gotta chase this while you got it. And on a romantic level, you gotta find a teammate who is down for that adventure, down for that uncertainty, down for that thing. It's a lot to deal with."

As the 35-year-old put it, "Honestly, I really try to be a great partner. When I love, I love hard. I also understand that the speed and uncertainty of my life is a very hard thing to put up with." 

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