Who Is Pookie? Breaking Down the TikTok Couple Going Viral

TikToker Campbell Puckett—a.k.a. Pookie—recently skyrocketed to viral fame due to the affectionate nickname her husband Jett Puckett gave her. Here's everything to know about the influencer couple.

By Gabrielle Chung Jan 30, 2024 12:09 AMTags
Watch: Who Is Pookie? Get to Know the Viral TikTok Couple!

"Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight."

That's probably the catchphrase you've been hearing around TikTok after influencer Campbell Puckett and her husband, Jett Puckett, went viral. Though the Georgia-based couple have been creating content about their marriage for years, videos of their date night looks took off in recent weeks when Jett began regularly using Pookie—the affectionate nickname he calls Campbell—in compliments about her OOTD.

"Outfit is fire, Pookie," Jett said in one video, while he noted in another TikTok that Campbell was rocking a "quintessential Pookie outfit today."

"Little known fact," he said in the Jan. 1 clip, which showed the pair getting ready for a day out in Paris. "I particularly love Pookie in a hat."

But the video that took hold of TikTok users dropped on Jan. 14, when Campbell—clad in a lacy black bustier top and matching jeans—and Jett were heading out for a group date with friends. 

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"Taking Pookie to a new spot tonight with three other couples and Pookie looks absolutely amazing," Jett said in the clip, which has been viewed more than 6 million times. "Good lord, babe!"

He said "Pookie looks absolutely fire tonight" in a Jan. 28 TikTok video, as the two got ready for a date at Hal's The Steakhouse in Atlanta.

Since then, using the word "Pookie" as part of a compliment has become a meme. In fact, Dunkin' even jumped in on the Pookie craze, writing in the caption of a TikTok video featuring a stack of doughnuts, "Pookie is looking absolutely fire today."

So, just who is Pookie? Keep reading for everything to know about Campbell and her husband Jett.

Instagram/Campbell Puckett

Who is Pookie from TikTok?

"Pookie" is the nickname often used by Campbell Puckett's husband Jett Puckett when referring to the influencer in her videos.

Why is Pookie famous on TikTok?

TikTok users can't get enough of the way Jett hypes up his Pookie's outfits, with one fan joking that the nickname is now their "Roman Empire."

Another user joked, "How can I focus on anything when the only thought I have in my brain is 'Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight?'"

Where did "Pookie is looking absolutely fire tonight" come from?

Jett uttered the viral line in a Jan. 28 TikTok video as he raved about Campbell's date night outfit, which consisted of a House of CB corset top, Girlfriend jeans and Femme LA heels.

How did the Pookie couple meet?

Campbell and Jett met when she was working as a flight attendant and he was a grad student. "I walked up to the prettiest girl at a wine bar in Philadelphia, just started talking to her," Jett detailed in a Jan. 11 TikTok. "Two days later, we were inseparable."

When did the Pookie couple get married?

The couple got engaged just 10 months after their initial meeting and they tied the knot on April 14, 2018, according to Campbell's blog. Around that time, she and Jett also bought a house in Atlanta

What is Pookie's job?

In addition to creating content for her TikTok account, Campbell runs a fashion blog called You Should Wear That. Before that, she worked as a flight attendant for American Airlines, according to her LinkedIn profile.

Instagram/Campbell Puckett

What does Pookie's husband do for a living?

Jett works in mergers and acquisitions within the dental industry, according to his LinkedIn profile. He graduated from University of Georgia with a bachelor's degree in economics and political science, before earning a master's degree in business administration degree and a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Pennsylvania.

What does Pookie call her husband?

While Campbell holds the title of Pookie, Jett is called "Pokie" (pronounced po-key).

In a December 2021 TikTok, Campbell affectionately referred to her man as such when presented her with a gift from Cartier. Jett also called himself "Pokie" in a July 2023 video.

Does Pookie have kids?

Campbell and Jett do not have any children together, though they are dog parents to a French Bulldog named Pierre.