Mob Wife Winter: Everything You Need to Achieve the Trending Aesthetic

Bust out the fur coat and schedule an appointment for French tips, it's Mob Wife winter.

By Lily Rose Jan 24, 2024 6:56 PMTags
Mob Wife Winter: Everything You Need to Achieve the Trending AestheticE! Illustration/ Courtesy of Nasty Gal, Avec Les Filles, Verishop, Target

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Take the eyeliner, leave tinted lip balm, Mob Wife winter is here.

If you've been on TikTok this month, then you've likely seen the seemingly endless videos about the mass exodus from the minimalistic clean girl aesthetic to the maximalist mob wife trend. TikTokers are abandoning neutral-tone sets and slicked-back buns for sleek, leather ensembles under luxurious fur coats, French manicures, black eyeliner, wine-hued lips, and enough jewelry to outfit a Bulgari store

Don't worry—you don't need to be married to a mobster or even be married at all to become a boss at this trend. However, you will need a few key pieces to make this look really pack a punch. That's where we come in. Our shopping experts have rounded up everything you need to join in on this glam trend right now.

It's cold out! Your mob wife winter essentials involve a fairly practical way to help protect yourself from the freezing January temps. We've rounded up faux-leather pants and faux-fur coats that will keep you nice and warm while also looking powerfully hot. To really amp up the look, we've included accessories that every mob wife should own, including chunky jewelry, sky-high heels, and sunglasses so big, they'll practically conceal your identity. 

Don't forget about mob wife makeup! Keep reading to shop dramatic black eyeliner, dark red lipsticks and more.

We've supplied the outfit—now all you need is big hair and an eye-catching manicure. We recommend a square French tip or a stiletto acrylic set in a deep red. 


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