Ice-T and Coco’s “Jungle Sex” Confession Will Make You Blush

Ice-T shared the details of his love life with wife Coco Austin and how it’s helped them thrive after more than two decades of marriage.

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For Ice-T, it's case solved when it comes to keeping the spark alive. 

In fact, the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star revealed the secret to his and Coco Austin's 22 year marriage. 

"Jungle sex," Ice-T told E! News in an exclusive interview at the Law & Order: SVU 25th Anniversary Celebration Red Carpet Jan. 16. "That flame has to stay lit."

"When that flame goes out and you're not really attracted to each other anymore," he continued, "you have to address that very quickly because it's something that's necessary."

However, Ice-T, who attended the event in celebration of SVU's 25th season with Coco, emphasized that maintaining a successful marriage goes beyond the physical. 

"I think Coco and I are teammates," the 65-year-old—who shares daughter Chanel, 7, with the model—explained. "We have to be teammates, not opponents, not assets, not liabilities. I value what she brings to me, and I think it's vice versa. We appreciate each other."

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And Ice-T knows how just important it is to have the right partner by your side during the best and worst moments.

"Getting married is like casting for a movie," the rapper previously told E! News. "You got to pick somebody who's ready for all the scenes. Now, there's gonna be fun scenes. There's gonna be sad scenes. There's gonna be tough scenes. There's gonna be fight scenes."

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As he put it, "A lot of people don't sign up for the whole movie. They just sign up for the good part."

But it's clear to Ice-T and everyone around him that he has his perfect match in Coco, 44. "People are like ‘Wow, you found somebody that will really put up with your bulls--t,'" he reflected. "That person is perfect for you."

Law & Order: SVU returns with season 25 Jan. 18 on NBC.

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