These 16 Products Will Help You Get the Best Sleep of Your Life & You Can Get Them All On Amazon

If counting sheep just isn't cutting it, try these sleep essentials instead.

By Alexa Vazquez Mar 12, 2024 10:00 AMTags
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One thing about me is that I take sleep very seriously, and I don't just mean going to bed early and getting a solid eight hours of sleep. I'm talking a whole sleep routine, because let's face it, good sleep can be hard to come by. From making a cup of calming tea to slipping into some cozy pajamas and turning on a sound machine to block out noise, I try to take every step possible to ensure I get a restful sleep every night. It might seem extra but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply in order to wake up well rested and refreshed the next morning because quite frankly, I turn into a cranky monster that can't get any work done if I don't. If this sounds like you (or you just want to get better sleep), I pulled together some of my favorite Amazon products that have significantly improved my sleep.

These items aren't expensive either, they're simple and affordable things you can easily incorporate into your daily bedtime routine to get a restful sleep every night. From essential oils to a light-blocking eye mask and a deep sleep pillow spray, these are the best sleep essentials on Amazon that will have you snoozing like a baby all night long. So, if you're looking to get some extra z's, keep reading for a list of 15 products that you can use to help get the best sleep of your life.

Yogasleep Dohm Classic Sound Machine

If I had to pick one thing from this list, it would hands down be this sound machine. It has an actual fan inside that creates a soothing white noise that lulls me to sleep (and that blocks out noise from neighbors, family members, or roommates). It's no wonder it has 15,900+ 5-star ratings.

Govee LED Light Bulb

This LED light bulb has tons of cool colors to create a sleepy, relaxing vibe. Best of all, it has a sunrise and sunset setting that can be set to a specific time to help you wake up and fall asleep. It has 21,800+ 5-star ratings.

MZOO Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep masks are another no brainer. Even if you think your room is dark, there are always bits of light that find their way through your blinds or that radiate from nearby electronics. This memory foam one has padded contouring and an adjustable strap for a perfect fit that won't squish your eyes or slide off. It has 71,800+ 5-star ratings.

Osteo Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain

Throw that old, lumpy pillow away and opt for this best-selling memory foam one instead. It has natural contours that support your neck and a breathable quality that keeps it feeling cool. It's perfect for side sleepers since it has a crevice designed specifically to rest your hand.

Auspicious Shiba Inu Stuffed Animal Plush

I may not be 10 years old anymore but I still like to cuddle with a stuffed animal as I drift off to sleep. This one is so plush and comes in a few sizes and several characters, like a Shiba Inu, fox, or bear.

Dr Teal's Sleep Spray

This best-selling sleep spray contains a calming blend of lavender, chamomile and other essential oils that put you to sleep so quickly. The reviews on this are impressive, with one reviewer writing, "this works so well i don't even remember falling asleep. it leaves my bed smelling so good and i've had the best sleep ive ever experienced in my life"

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Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

With a whopping 160,800+ 5-star ratings, these best-selling down pillows are so plush, you'll feel like you're in a hotel. They're breathable for a cooling effect and will never go flat. Plus they come in a set of two.

Celestial Seasonings Wellness Tea Sleepytime Extra

Made with chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint, this tea is called "sleepytime" for a reason since the ingredients help you feel calm and relaxed. I mean who needs melatonin when you have this?

Maple Holistics Dream Essential Oil Blend

Pop this essential oil blend – which contains lavender, chamomile, sage, and ylang ylang – into a diffuser and you'll definitely be in the mood to sleep. It has an impressive 26,000+ 5-star ratings, with one reviewer saying, "The magic of this blend truly shines in promoting sleep. It creates a tranquil atmosphere in my bedroom that helps me drift off to dreamland effortlessly."

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

To go with your essential oils, you need a diffuser, and this one has 41,700+ 5-star ratings. It has multi-color LED lights, timers, and mist settings that you can control via the remote so you don't have to get up from bed.

LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom

If you live in dry or cold climates, this humidifier will pump moisture back into the air so you can wake up without a dry throat or clogged sinuses. This one has multiple settings and even a tray you can fill up with essential oils.

NICETOWN Pitch Black Insulated Blackout Curtains

If your current shades aren't cutting it, add these best-selling blackout curtains to your windows. They come in a bunch of different colors and lengths and have 90,300+ 5-star ratings.

Body Restore Shower Steamers

If you prefer night showers like myself, then you have to try these best-selling aromatherapy shower steamers. Pop these into your hot shower and the lavender scent that's released will make you so relaxed and ready for bed.

Ekouaer Pajamas Women's Long Sleeve Sleepwear

Just slipping into these pajamas alone is enough to get you sleepy. They're oh so soft and come in 42 cute colors and prints. They also have an option with short sleeves and shorts if that's more your speed.

Bedsure Satin Silky Pillowcase

Apart from looking luxurious, satin pillowcases stay cool to the touch all night long, so you don't have to flip over your pillow. This one has 222,500+ 5-star ratings.

ZonLi Weighted Blanket

This weighted microfiber blanket feels like a big hug, helping you to relax and destress before drifting off to sleep. With over 23,500 5-star ratings, it comes in several weights, sizes, and colors. 

What is Sleep Week?

Sleep Week, also called Sleep Awareness Week, is an annual event that celebrates all things sleep. It's a great week to stock up on sleep essentials since many brands and retailers have amazing sales, with deals on everything from pillows to bedding, eye masks and pajamas.

When is Sleep Week 2024?

This year, Sleep Week is being celebrated from March 10 to March 16, 2024.

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