Camila and Matthew McConaughey's Daughter Vida Is Mom's Mini-Me in Sweet Birthday Photos

After Matthew McConaughey shared photos of his daughter Vida in an Instagram tribute for her 14th birthday, fans couldn't help but note how much she looks like her mom Camila.

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Watch: Matthew McConaughey's Daughter Vida Looks JUST Like Her Mom

Now this is a interstellar birthday tribute.  

Matthew McConaughey celebrated his and wife Camila Alves McConaughey's daughter Vida turning 14 years old on Jan. 3 with a sweet shout-out on social media.

"To Vida, who never passed a flower she didn't pick," the Interstellar actor wrote on Instagram Jan. 4 alongside snapshots of the teen enjoying the outdoors, "Happy Birthday."

And if the timing of the post seems a little delayed, there's a reason for that. As Matthew explained, the message is "a day late because my mobile device flew out of my pocket on the roller coaster loop at her birthday yesterday!" 

However, fans seemed to focus less on the tardiness of the post and more on how much Vida resembles her mom. 

"Mini Camila," one commenter wrote. "Feliz aniversário." Another agreed "she's a copy of Camila," and a third noted "she looks just like her mama."

Matthew wasn't the only one in the family to wish Vida a happy birthday. Her older brother Levi did, too.

Matthew McConaughey's Best Roles

"Waited to post because we spent yesterday doing one of my sister's favorite things!" the 15-year-old wrote on Instagram, which he joined last summer, alongside a photo of the siblings on the roller coaster at Six Flags. "Happy 14th Vida!"

In addition to Levi and Vida, Matthew, 54, and Camila, 40, are parents to 11-year-old son Livingston. And the Oscar winner has previously spoken about what he's learned from his children.

"My eldest Levi continues to teach me consideration," Matthew told E! News in September. "He's an extremely considerate young man—really considerate—and I appreciate that about him."

"My daughter teaches me forgiveness. She's a real peacemaker," he continued. "And my youngest teaches me, or reminds me of, the power of absolute singular focus. When he's got a project—whether it's a sport or homework or drawing—and he zeroes in, and you look at him and the rest of the world is gone. And the work he does then—how he performs in whatever that task is—is always exceptional. And it's just laser-focused."

To see photos of the family from over the years, keep reading.

The Trio

Matthew McConaughey and wife Camilla Alves McConaughey's kids LivingstonVida and Levi pose for a 2022 pic.

Family First

Levi shared this family photo in honor of his dad's birthday 54th birthday in 2023, writing on Instagram, "People know Matthew Mcconaughey as an Actor and now a writer, but I know him as my father."

The Gang's All Here

"The man who always makes time for us no matter what, the man who’s always there for us no matter what," Levi continued in his birthday tribute, and the man that taught me to appreciate the journey and not just the destination."

He added, "The journeys just getting started…Happy birthday Papai."

Look Up

Camila and Livingston checked out the solar exclipse in April 2024.

Baller Lifestyle

Matthew and Livingston met Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green in November 2023.

Paris Fashion Week

This family time at Paris Fashion Week was magnifique!

Braving Waves

"Surf souvenirs," Matthew captioned this March 2023 pic of son Levi.

Hairy Situation

The Oscar winner gave Livingston a haircut as Levi looked on in February 2023.

Best Uncle

"Uncle @woodyharrelson is questioning if the cake is vegan or not!!!" Camila wrote on Instagram in January 2023 for her and Matthew's daughter Vida's 13th birthday. "How does this go people! Time flies… 13! You are my ray of sunshine Vida!!!"

Too Cool

Livingston lived it up in a pair of sunglasses, with mom Camila writing on instagram, "Going thru photos and finding all kinds of photos taken by the kids!" 

Play Time

"We know we love them," Camila jokingly captioned this action shot of her three kids, "and they love us deep down under all…a cupcake, a pie, a card, a phone call."

Going Camping

In December 2022, Camila wrote, "We get the trailer they are responsible for the tent… #ontheroad."

Batter Up

The couple and their kids Levi and Vida caught a baseball game between the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers in Arlington, Texas.

Family Night

Matthew brought his family to the 2014 Mack, Jack & McConaughey Gala.

Reading Time

"Kids reading time by the fire!" Camila wrote in December 2022. "Fun book @reesewitherspoon !! Ladies and gentlemen if you don't have it time to get it! Great gift too!"

Red Carpet Ready

The whole family was dressed to impress at the 2019 Texas Medal Of Arts Awards in Austin, Texas.

Star Power

Matthew and his family attended his Hollywood Walk of Fame star ceremony in 2014.

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