1000-lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Struggling With Anxiety Over Driving Amid Transformation Journey

Despite reaching a major milestone in her weight loss journey, Tammy Slaton is not speeding to get that driver's license yet. Find out why the 1000-lbs Sisters star is avoiding driving for now.

By Corinne Heller Jan 04, 2024 6:56 PMTags
Watch: 1000-lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Talks Struggling With Anxiety

While Tammy Slaton is going full speed ahead on her journey to transform her body and lifestyle, she's putting the brakes on one aspect: Driving.

Weeks after an episode of her TLC series 1000-lb Sisters showed her successfully attempting to sit in the front seat of a car for the first time in almost two decades, the reality star revealed that one day she hopes to get behind the wheel.

"I do want to learn eventually," Tammy shared in response to a fan question in a Dec. 31 TikTok video, "but right now anxiety's just a little too much. A lot going on. But baby steps."

However, the 37-year-old does have experience driving a golf cart. "It didn't go too fast," she added, "But yes, eventually, I do want to drive a car."

And Tammy's future driving plans are part of a new chapter for the TLC star, who spent 14 months in a weight loss rehab center. She lost more than 400 pounds through treatment and bariatric surgery and left the facility—where she met her late husband Caleb Willingham—last year.

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Since departing the center, Tammy's reflected on how her weight loss has changed her life.

"Just being able to walk without a walker or be pushed in a wheelchair, and no oxygen. I don't even sleep with it at night anymore," she told People. "Then it was being able to fit in a regular vehicle, front seat, and then the belt buckle, and not have to use an extender now. So I mean, just what seems minor to some people is giant for me."

Look back at Tammy's journey:

Sharing Her Journey

Since 2020, TLC viewers have watched Tammy Slaton's journey on 1000-lb Sisters. She underwent bariatric surgery in mid-2022 and since then, fans have continued to witness her transformation on TV and on social media. As of December 2023, she has lost 440 pounds and weighs about 285.

Summertime Style

The reality star shared a snap of herself in a floral print dress on Instagram in June.

Squad Photo

That same month, Tammy posted a group photo with her brother Chris Combs and YouTuber Chelcie Lynn.

A Heartbreaking Loss

On July 1, Tammy mourned the death of her husband Caleb Willingham. "Rip sweet angel you will forever be missed and loved so much," she wrote on Instagram alongside throwback photos, "thank you Caleb for showing me real love and happiness."

Mirror Selfie

Tammy stopped for a series of bathroom selfies, shared on Instagram Aug. 25.

Posing in Jeans

Tammy proudly posed for an Instagram selfie in jeans Oct. 18.

Tie-Dyed Style

Tammy posted this video on TikTok in January 2024.

"Killing It"

After she shared new selfies in April 2024, her weight loss surgeon, Dr. Eric Smith, commented, "You are killing it!"

Great Cat-titude

Tammy included in her update a pic of herself with her cat, Chocolate.

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