Travis Kelce Shares How He Plans to Shake Off Chiefs' "Embarrassing" Christmas Day Loss

Travis Kelce detailed the Kansas City Chiefs' Christmas Day loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, which saw Taylor Swift and her whole family cheering the tight end on.

By Meaghan Kirby Dec 27, 2023 6:03 PMTags
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This is Travis Kelce trying to take accountability for his mid-game display of frustration.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end reflected on the team's Christmas Day loss to the Las Vegas Raiders—during which he angrily spiked his helmet on the sidelines—and didn't hold back how he felt about his performance.

"We handed that team a win on Christmas," Travis explained on the Dec. 27 episode of his and brother Jason Kelce's New Heights podcast. "We literally played Santa and gave them a present. That was embarrassing. Everybody in the building knows how embarrassing that was."

Adding that the team will quickly get over the defeat as they move on to play the Cincinnati Bengals on New Year's Eve, the 34-year-old added, "It's frustrating when you know you got the guys and you got everybody that you need and things just aren't going your way."

In fact, this boiled over when Travis threw his helmet in anger, prompting coach Andy Reid go over and to talk to him. 

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However, when Jason pointed out that the Chiefs coach expressed his support for Travis in a post-game interview, the two-time Super Bowl winner said he thinks it's simply the coach's good nature talking.

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"He's looking out for me," Travis admitted. "I didn't go back out there and play good. He wanted to see the fire in me and I reacted in a bad way. He wanted to get the best out of me and right now I'm just not playing my best football."

But he's taking this as a learning opportunity.

"I gotta f--king lock the f--k in and be more accountable for him and be more accountable for my teammates," he continued. "I gotta keep my f--king cool, man, 'cause as a leader on this team, that's not how you switch the momentum."

But ever the supportive big brother, Jason—whose team Philadelphia Eagles emerged victorious during their own Christmas Day game against the New York Giants—noted that while the sideline display of frustration is "not the healthiest to freaking voice it," it does prove the team cares. Plus, the 36-year-old cited Travis making his 900th career catch as a bright point during the game.

Another high point? Travis' cheering section. After all, Taylor Swift was on the bleachers for her seventh appearance this season. And joining her were Travis' dad Ed Kelce, as well as her parents, Scott Swift and Andrea Swift, her brother, Austin Swift, and his girlfriend Sydney Ness

Keep reading to see snaps from the crew at the Chiefs' Christmas Day game.

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