Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell Reveal What It Was Really Like Filming Steamy Shower Scene

Before the release of Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell's Anyone But You, the Euphoria star and the Top Gun: Maverick alum shared what it was like to film the movie's shower scene.

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Filming a sex scene is anything but romantic.

And in Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney's new rom-com Anyone But You, the pair have more than a few sizzling moments—including a steamy shower scene teased in the trailer. But does it ever get awkward filming an intimate scene with a friend?

"There's always an awkward moment, but I don't know if it's because you're so close to someone other than the 40 crew members that are watching you film this—that's the awkward part," Sydney told E! News in an exclusive interview. "If anything, I feel more safe with someone who I'm friends with than some people that you don't really know."

And while Glen said the Euphoria actress "makes it easy," he admitted having other people give their input on the scene could be difficult. 

"When we were doing that, there were other people weighing in on what we should do in that scene," the Top Gun: Maverick actor recalled. "I was like, 'I don't like when crew members are weighing in on how I should do a sexy shower scene.' You start getting in the head of some of your crew members. You're like, 'That is weird, man. Can't look at you the same way.'"

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But shower scene aside, the pair have made it clear that filming Anyone But You in Australia was nothing short of a dream experience. And ultimately, Glen attributed their onscreen chemistry to their ability to work well together and just have fun.

"I feel like the one thing is, when you're making a movie, is to know that you have a teammate," he shared. "When you make a rom-com, you have to do a lot of crazy things. If you get through a rom-com and look cool, you're doing it all wrong. So to have a teammate where I feel like we could be our goofiest, dumbest, most stripped-down selves, I think that is the key to a great teammate."

Sydney—who also executive produced the film—agreed. As she put it, "You have a teammate, you have some chemistry."

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In fact, Sydney and Glen's chemistry while filming was so good that some fans started to wonder if they had developed an offscreen romance. However, the Hit Man alum shut down the speculation and said he's just friends with the White Lotus star, who got engaged to Jonathan Davino last year.

"No," Glen said when asked if they had an IRL romance on the Dec. 11 episode of Today. "But we do love each other, and honestly this is one of the most spectacular humans I've ever met. She's really incredible." 

Anyone But You hits theaters Dec. 22.

- Reporting by Alex Cramer

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