How to Keep Your Hair Healthy All Year-Round, According to Dua Lipa's Stylist Jesus Guerrero

Hairstylist Jesus Guerrero, who frequently works with Dua Lipa, Kylie Jenner and Rosalía, shared his best haircare tips during festive season and beyond.

By Alyssa Morin Dec 13, 2023 1:00 PMTags
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These beauty tricks are worthy of a hair flip.

Celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero—who frequently works with Kylie Jenner, Dua Lipa, Rosalía and Katy Perry—revealed the foolproof tips that keep his clients' hair looking fresh all year-round

"The OGX Extra Penetrating Oil brings so much shine, and helps your hair stay healthy and stunning," he exclusively told E! News. "I would also recommend not washing your hair as often. If you style it once, allow that style to live."

His go-to hack for maintaining a look? "Make sure you wear a bonnet when you go to sleep," Jesus suggested, "or sleep with a silk pillow. Those are things I do with my hair that really help me when I don't want to style it all the time."

Of course, there will be days you need to rinse, wash and repeat. And for Jesus, that's an essential step to having healthy tresses.

"It's always starting with a solid foundation—a good shampoo and conditioner," he explained, "and making sure it's perfectly clean and hydrated. That's the key to a hairstyle lasting a while."

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After all, when the hair isn't washed properly, it can create a different texture.

"Sometimes, if your hair is dry, it gets frizzy," Jesus noted. "If it's not shampooed correctly, it gets oily. It's something I push my clients. I'm like, 'You better wash your that scalp.' I need a solid foundation because those are the things I can control."

Jesus Guerrero / Instagram

If anything, the OGX ambassador's beauty rules have solidified his status as a trusted stylist.

"For Schiaparelli with Rosalía and Kylie, that was such a proud moment this year," he shared of their September Paris Fashion Week looks. "I did two of the biggest girls, and their hairstyles made such an impact being so toned back. And the fact that they believe in me, and give me an opportunity and a platform to really showcase my art, it motivates me."

He added, "People trust me, they want to push the boundaries when they're with me."

Jesus Guerrero / Instagram

And if there's one piece of advice worth Jesus hopes people follow, it's that beauty can be a powerful tool.

"If you feel beautiful in the hairstyle you're wearing or the clothes that you're wearing, you radiate confidence," the glam expert said. "And you can motivate the people around you to be their authentic selves or to try something different."