Anne Hathaway's Stylist Erin Walsh Reveals Her Foolproof Tips for Holiday Fashion

Erin Walsh, who styles Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez, and Ashley Park, shared her best tips and tricks with E! News on how to curate your holiday wardrobe.

By Alyssa Morin Dec 10, 2023 5:00 PMTags
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'Tis the season to sleigh.

But if you're unsure on how to curate a festive-inspired wardrobe, fret not. Stylist Erin Walsh—who frequently works with Anne Hathaway, Selena Gomez and Ashley Park—revealed her foolproof tips for elevating your holiday looks.

"The whole point is to feel great, especially this time of year," the fashion expert exclusively told E! News. "It's all about harnessing joy and finding that within yourself and sharing it with others. People get wrapped up in the idea that they have to dress a certain style, and style is not about that at all—it's about the clothes serving you."

And while Erin believes in wearing pieces that make you feel comfortable, she also noted how the holidays are the perfect time to slowly start taking risks.

"What makes you shine? Tap into that," she encouraged. "Look for the joy but be willing to surprise yourself. I love a statement coat and mixing genres. So, if you have sweatpants, or a dress or jeans and you have a great jacket, that's the key."

Anne Hathaway Through the Years

Other closet staples to invest in this season? Accessories.

"I have three kids," Erin noted, "so I'm in T-shirt and jeans, but if I have a great belt and blazer, it's a problem-solver. Also, have your super shoes. For me, it's been slingback kitten heels. And of course, Victoria Beckham would say sunglasses. Your accessories will root any look."

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Erin also offered the fashion ritual she does this season, especially as she starts to set intentions for the New Year.

"Pick a word," she advised. "The word should be how you want to feel. For me, clothing is all about intention, and more often than not that word is 'calm.' I wear so much white because I juggle so many balls and I believe part of my job, and maybe my superpower, is keeping calm and carrying on."

Erin Walsh / Instagram

In fact, the celebrity stylist hopes that you'll follow suit and implement this practice.

"The clothing that you wear tells the story of what you believe in," she explained. "That ties into everything: From sustainability to ethical practices of a designer to how you want to feel, and ultimately, how you're remembered."

As she put it, "So, tell the story with your clothes of who you want to be."

Now, that's one way to spread holiday cheer!

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