Meg Ryan Defends Her and Dennis Quaid's Son Jack Quaid From "Nepo Baby" Label

Meg Ryan is pushing back on her and Dennis Quaid’s son Jack Quaid’s label as a nepo baby, pointing to his talent and work ethic as the reason for The Boys star’s success.

By Brahmjot Kaur Nov 30, 2023 7:24 PMTags
Watch: Meg Ryan Defends Her Son Against "Nepo Baby" Label

Meg Ryan is not having the debate over nepo babies.

In fact, the When Harry Met Sally star recently shared her perspective on the conversation surrounding nepotism in Hollywood, explaining that she feels reducing her son Jack Quaid—whom she shares with ex Dennis Quaid—to who his movie star parents are is more reductive than anything.

"You don't wish it [on anyone]. It's too hard and it's too weird," Meg told Glamour in an interview published Nov. 30, referring to the onslaught of scrutiny that comes with working in the limelight. "Jack is really talented. He's more of a natural than I'll ever be. That nepo stuff is so dismissive of his work ethic, his gifts, and how sensitive he is to the idea of his privilege."

But the Sleepless in Seattle actress knew The Boys star had a gift long before he stepped in front of the camera.

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"I remember seeing him in a middle school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He was playing Bottom," the 62-year-old explained. "I was newly divorced from his dad, and he was seated at the other side of the gym. I had my head in my hands and was like, ‘Oh, no. He's good. He's really good.' I leaned forward, and I see Dennis, and he's also leaning forward with his head in his hands. I just knew."

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As for the Oppenheimer actor, who made his movie debut in 2012's The Hunger Games, he's spoken about his decision to follow in his parents' footsteps.

But as he's navigated the industry, he's tried to forge his own path, with him initially toying with changing his last name and later declining his dad's offer to share his agent.

"I knew that people would constantly say, 'Oh, I know how he got that job,'" Jack told Thrillist in June 2022. "And they're still going to say that. It's fine. But as long as I knew how I got there, that would be enough."

The 31-year-old even recalled a casting director at one of his earlier auditions telling him they were shocked that he was "actually really good" since she expected him to rely solely on his nepotism, adding they thought he would "be a real a--hole."

In fact, Jack avoided falling into those stereotypical Hollywood tropes largely because of the people in his life.

"I had great friends growing up who are not what you would think of a typical L.A. kid, where they're all about status or popularity," he explained. "My friends were the nerds."

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