Korean Singer Nahee Dead at 24

Korean indie-pop singer Nahee—who released her debut single "Blue City" in 2019—died at the age of 24, according to her record label.

By Gabrielle Chung Nov 10, 2023 11:18 PMTags
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The K-pop community has lost a rising star.

 Korean singer Nahee died at the age of 24, her record label Mun Hwa In shared in a Nov. 9 Instagram post.

"Singer-songwriter Nahee has left our earth and become a star in the sky," a statement translated from Korean read. "I am sorry to bring sudden news to all of you fans who have supported and loved Nahee."

The recording group added, "We send our deepest condolences to the deceased's final journey."

A cause of death was not given.

News of Nahee's passing shook K-pop lovers, with one fan writing in the comments section of the music company's post, "She's so loved by us and I hope she was able to feel that." 

Instagram users shared their condolences on Nahee's personal page, which currently features only one post shared on Nov. 7. The post featured a carousel of images and videos, including a selfie of the musician—whose real name is Im Na-Hee—and a clip of her dog.

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"Seeing this now breaks my heart so much," a commenter wrote under the post. "She wanted to be more known, im so sad we couldn't make her goal come ture, but we her fans knew about her amazing personality and voice and her talents. We knew her. I hope you know that ur fans will forever remember u and miss u."



Another fan added, "Rest in peace with the angels sweet girl, you are so loved." 

Nahee made her musical debut in 2019, when she dropped her electronic-inspired track "Blue City." The musician went release on to "Blue Night" and "Gloomy Day" the following year, before she was signed to Mun Hwa In.

Her other singles include 2021's "I'm Not Fine," as well as 2022's "I'm So Confused," "Love Note," "I Can't Sleep" and "Treasure."

Her latest song, a pop-heavy tune titled "Rose," was released in July.

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