Dylan Mulvaney Shares Update on Dating Life Amid Celebratory New Chapter

While being honored at the Out100 party, TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney gave E! News an update on her life, including how dating has been going and what she's working on in her career.

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POV: Dylan Mulvaney is living her best life.

The TikTok star recently gave an update on what's been going on in her world, including when it comes to dating.   

"It's actually going really well," Dylan exclusively told E! News at the Out100 party in Hollywood, Calif., on Nov. 9. "I feel gorgeous, and I think that it's been a good year for that for me." 

And she says being her true self has allowed her to form better connections. 

"When somebody is themselves, that's like the hottest version of themselves," she continued. "And so, I think because I feel so locked into my identity, other people are seeing that and find that attractive. So, I'm loving it." 

It's been almost two years since Dylan first shared on TikTok that she's a transgender woman and started her Days of Girlhood series. And while she still posts to her channel, the content creator no longer does the daily series and has decided to scale back how much of her journey she shares.

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"I'm really happy with my body and my timeline, and I think what's been really fun is now just getting to make content that doesn't necessarily have to be so based in my transition and more just about me celebrating life," she added. "But I definitely think there's more road steps to come, and I will be as open as I feel called to."

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Dylan is also quite busy. In addition to creating her TikTok content, she's writing a book and has expressed her desire to do more acting now that the SAG-AFTRA strike is over. Dylan is also continuing to advocate for the transgender community and speak out against hate.

"For every horrible comment...there's a bunch of lovely ones," she said. "And that's why I think right now when we see all this hate and vitriol towards the trans community, we just need to fill it with extra love. And so, if you're scrolling through your timeline, and you see a trans person make something very personal, leave them a little love comment."

In fact, Dylan was recently honored on the Out100 list—which the magazine notes is a "prestigious compilation of the year's most impactful and influential LGBTQ+ people"—in the "disruptors" category.

"This is everything to me," she shared. "I mean, if there was ever a list to be on, this is the one I want to be on."

- Reporting by Dayn Nanda

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