Southern Charm: You Won't Believe Why Taylor Ann Green Slept With Ex Shep Rose

Exes Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose were caught in bed together on Southern Charm's shocking Nov. 9 episode, but her reason for sleeping with her former boyfriend might surprise fans.

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Watch: Southern Charm's Shep, Taylor & Austen Address Love Triangle!

Taylor Ann Green has a case of puppy love.

The Southern Charm star shocked her cast members on the Bravo series' Nov. 9 episode when she was caught in bed with her ex Shep Rose after spending the night in his room during a cabin getaway.

After finding her friends sleeping together, Olivia Flowers immediately reported the gossip to Craig Conover and Austen Krolll, telling them, "Taylor's in Shep's room!"

Austen responded with a laugh, "Shep and Taylor banged!"

Back in Shep's room, Taylor told her former boyfriend his coughing disrupted her sleep as she cuddled his dog Little Craig and noted, "Craig's snore doesn't bother me."

And while it wasn't clear if the two actually hooked up the night before, Taylor used his pooch as an excuse. When Shep asked his ex, "So you came in here just for Craig?" to which she confirmed, "Yeah, I did."

However, Shep then hinted their night together was more than just a puppy party. "Well, did you get what you needed?" he asked the 29-year-old. "Miss kissing bandit last night."

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But when Rodrigo Reyes walked by and noticed them under the covers, Shep played coy, telling him, "We slept in the same bed with the dog that we love."

Meanwhile, Olivia, Austen and Craig were still in shock by the sleepover, as Olivia wondered, "Who hooks up with their exes?"

Craig noted the incident is just another mistake amid Taylor's recent unusual season nine behavior. "Taylor's done some s---ty stuff recently but she's not a s---ty person," he said. "And back-sliding to Shep isn't the path for her happiness."


Sleeping with Shep was particularly surprising given Taylor recently revealed she kissed Olivia's ex Austen, ending their friendship.

"I just don't know where her head is," Olivia admitted in a confessional. "I don't know this Taylor."

Southern Charm Season 9: Meet the Cast

So, what does this mean for Taylor and Shep going forward? She asked the 43-year-old in bed, "Does it make you sad to sleep in the same bed and not really getting to actually sleep in the same bed?"

His reply? "No, it doesn't make me sad," he said. "You're the one who's said time and time again we shouldn't do that. No, no, no."

See the drama play out when Southern Charm airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. And keep reading for more season nine scoop.

Kathryn Dennis Isn't Returning

Original castmember Kathryn Dennis announced in January she was exiting the Bravo series after eight seasons. "What a wild ride it's been!" the Charleston native shared with fans. "Can you believe I was 21 when I first started filming Southern Charm, back in its first season? That was in 2013, and in the decade that followed, it's safe to say my life changed in ways I could never imagine."

"It hasn't always been easy," Kathryn continued, "but I'm so lucky to have had reality cameras there, capturing so many moments that I'll never forget (and a few, even, that I'd like to)."

New Castmembers

New to the series' ninth season are Rod Razavi and Jarrett "JT" Thomas, who aren't afraid to pursue their female castmates. The trailer even previews a budding romance between Rod and Olivia Flowers.

Plus, long-time friend of the Charmers Rodrigo Reyes is joining in on the antics as a full-time cast member.

Taylor Ann Green & Shep Rose's Hookup

Despite breaking up last year, it seems the two Bravolebrities might still have feelings for each other. In the trailer, Austen Kroll announces, "Shep and Taylor banged." Then, the former couple is seen in bed together the morning after, with Shep even calling Taylor a "kissing bandit."

But Shep supposedly isn't Taylor's only hookup of season nine...

Taylor Ann Green & Austen Kroll's Hookup

"Something happened with me and Taylor," Austen admits in the first look, to which his ex Madison LeCroy replies by inquiring, "Did you f--k Taylor or not?"

When Olivia Flowers questions Taylor about the alleged PDA, she denies it by saying, "Never, swear on my life." Guess fans will have to tune in to find out the truth.

Madison LeCroy's Pregnancy Issues

Newlywed Madison seems like she and husband Brett Randle might be on the fast track to having their first child together.

"Why do I feel so nauseous?" she questions during the upcoming season before visiting a doctor who inquires about her first pregnancy with son 10-year-old Hudson, whom she shares with ex Josh Hughes. Revealing she had a rough birth, Madison shares, "I had a pelvic fracture during the delivery."

To date, Madison has not publicly announced any baby news.

A Shocking Physical Fight

The season nine preview teases a heated altercation between Austen and JT.

JT screams "do it again" in Austen's face before seemingly pushing him, leading to what look like a physical fight.

A Mysterious Naked Photo

In the trailer, Patricia Altschul implies that one of the ladies sent NSFW pics to her son Whitney Sudler-Smith. "And then there's the nude photograph she sent you," Patricia states, shocking Madison. "We're not talking about that."

Leva Bonaparte & Venita Aspen Are Back

Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen are also returning for season nine. Leva continues to be the voice of reason while Venita has left her feud with Madison in the past and is focused on new friendships with Olivia and Taylor. 

The Cast Trip to Jamaica

This season, the gang will be heading to Jamaica for some fun in the sun. (And, of course, tons of drama.)

Craig Conover & Paige DeSorbo's Relationship Troubles

Craig Conover continues to struggle to get on the same page with girlfriend of over two years Paige DeSorbo.

"I'm not trying to plan a wedding right now," the Summer House star tells the Sewing Down South founder, to which he replies annoyed, "Why would we date if we're not going to take the next step?"

Taylor Ann Green's Brother's Death

Taylor shared in June 2023 that her brother Richard Worthington Green died at the age of 36, though it's unclear if the new season will address her tragic loss as filming had already wrapped.

"Not enough words can encapsulate who Worth was and the impact he left behind," she wrote in a June 19 Instagram post. "June 8th, 2023, The Lord called you home. We are going to miss your goofiness, your bear hugs, and that infectious laugh. I will always admire the steadfast love you had for your family, friends (too many to count), your girlfriend and Jesus Christ."

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