Hydrating K-Beauty Finds That Will Give You The Best Skin (& Hair) of Your Life

Winter is coming, but the cold never bothered us anyway, because these shopper-approved, Korean beauty products from Abib, COSRX, Goodal, Mediheal & more have our skin feeling better than ever.

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Look, we love winter for all the festive cheer it brings, from cozy fall outfits and big dinners with loved ones to, of course, all the holiday shopping. All in all, 'tis truly the season to be jolly, but one of the biggest downsides we deal with every year is the effect that these colder, drier months tends to have on our skin. Winter acne is never a fun thing to deal with, especially if you've already started filling out your social calendar with parties, gatherings, and social events where you want to be looking and feeling your best, not dealing with dry, irritated skin and flaky makeup, not to mention constant bad hair days full of frizz and coarseness.

From fan-fave brands like COSRX and LANEIGE to Amazon shopper-approved brands like Anua and SKIN1004, we've got you covered. So yes, even though it's winter and it seems like none of the skincare odds are in our favor, you can rest assured that it's plenty possible to still have the best skin of your life nonetheless. Call us Elsa, because the cold never bothered us (or our skin) anway. Plus. as your shopping Santa, we decided to throw in a little extra present for you by including a couple of K-beauty haircare products that will clean your scalp and deeply nourish it.

If you're ready to get the jingle bell rock started, keep reading and get ready to shop away!

ma:nyo Pure Cleansing Oil

I was on the hunt for a new cleansing oil when I visited Korea this summer and ended up trying this one from ma:nyo out per my cousin's recommendation, as she's sworn by it since her acne-filled high school days. Long story short, it's been an absolute gamechanger in my daily beauty regimen. It's formulated with skin-loving ingredients like jojoba seed oil, argan kernal oil that's packed with vitamin E, and 14 plant-derived oils to help nourish your skin and maintain its pH balance. From personal experience, I love how clean it makes my skin feel without stripping it of its moisture, and it's also helped deal with my oh-so-persistent blackheads.

According to one Amazon shopper, "Saw this on tiktok and decided to try it out, and I don't regret it! I use this to double cleanse, which I'd never done, so I use it before my main cleanser. I follow the instructions and massage it onto my face dry then use a bit of water. After the first use, I noticed that my pores and blackheads had lessened and it even helped with the bumpiness on my nose! It also leaves my skin really smooth and soft after. The formula is pretty thick so 2 pumps should be good enough. I've had this for over a month already and I'm barely halfway through the bottle. I absolutely love this cleanser!!!"

Korean Beauty SRB Rice Bran Enzyme Powder Face Wash

If you're looking for a holy grail product to unclog your pores and exfoliate your skin without completely drying it out, you'll love this SRB wash. According to the brand, the rice bran exract helps to make your skin tone bright and clear, while the papaya enzyme provides mild exfoliation to help lift away dead skin, makeup, and impurities. Plus, the skin cleanser is pH-balanced to help maintain a healthy skin barrier and gently cleanse without stripping away moisture from your face.

One Amazon shopper wrote, "I've been having trouble with combination skin. My cheeks were rough and dry and no amount of lotion or exfoliating made it better. I read a blog post saying that this brand was the best enzymatic cleanser. Since I'd tried everything else I got some. I noticed an immediate difference. The oily spots felt clean and the dry spots evened out and felt soft. This is my forever cleanser. It's a grainy powder and takes some practice using the right amount. A little is a great cleanser and using a bit more provides exfoliation and cleansing."

TONYMOLY I'm Rice Exfoliating Enzyme Cleanser

TONYMOLY's enzyme cleanser is another great option if you're looking to incorporate gentle exfoliation into your skincare routine. This water-activitied powder exfoliant is infused with rice powder, rice extract, and papaya enzyme to remove dead skin and impurities from your face, revealing a brighter and more radiant complexion underneath. The powder transforms into a foamy consistency when mixed with water; simply massage that into your face for 2-3 minutes, and rinse off with water afterward!

According to one Amazon shopper's experience with this wash, "I bought this product to compare it with the Dermalogica's Daily Microfoliant. The purpose and ingredients of the two products are remarkably similar- however, Dermalogica charges $64 for their 2.6 oz full size, where this product is a mere $13 for 2oz. I was hoping for the product to be "good enough"......but honestly? I think it's better than Dermalogica's!! The texture is a lot more grainy at first, so go lightly when initially applying it to your face, but other than that, it leaves my face softer and more moisturized than the Dermalogica Microfoliant does. I highly recommend trying it if you are interested in or currently use a powdered exfoliating product. At $13, you can't go wrong. I have somewhat sensitive skin prone to dryness in the winter. To use this, I oil cleanse my face first, double cleanse with a foaming cleanser if necessary, then use this product two to three times weekly. My skin is really smooth, and my other products (toner, serums, moisturizer) all absorb wonderfully."

Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner

I love this Anua toner so much I always make sure to have a second one in stock at home so I never have to worry about running out. Made with 77% heartleaf extract that's water-grown and harvested in Korea, this toner is formulated to soothe, tone, hydrate, and balance your skin's pH level. TBH, the reviews for this toner speak for themselves; check out a few below.

"Look, I am extremely pale and have v sensitive skin. For so long, I've been weary of toners until I came across the blessing that is this toner. I've been using it morning and night for over two months now and I've seen drastic changes in my skin tone and pores. My skin feels calm and ready to absorb any serum/product afterwards and I feel like I get more from those products after using something like this. I've also noticed positive improvements in the redness in my skin and as someone who doesn't wear makeup its been such a welcome change in life. This is a must try for those who struggle w similar issues or eve those looking to incorporate an amazing new toner in their skin care routines!"

"I bought this for my 14 year-old daughter who is dealing with forehead, cheek, and nose blemishes. She gets tons of tiny, sebum bumps on her forehead and a few red and angry spots as well. Wanted to keep her routine very simple and gentle and in 3 days, this toner and the 80% ampule have made an INCREDIBLE difference. It definitely deserves its reputation and I'm ordering both for myself. While I already have a solid and simple routine at 46 (cleanser, Vit. C, Tretinoin, moisturizer, and SPF), I decided to try the toner and ampule as well given the hype. The magic in these products has made my skin even glow and pores even smoother after 3 days. I just added 2 steps to my existing routine. Apparently Heartleaf is an ingredient I didn't know I needed and my skin adores."

'If only you can see my bathroom island with all the products that I buy because I'm easily influenced that I don't use cause they don't do much for me. After 1 night of using this, (didn't even have time to use it in morning) my face had a difference. I usually don't look in the mirror because of confidence issues at work and I accidentally looked yesterday morning and something looked different. I was confused what it could be because all I did was use my normal face wash because of running late. It clicked later it was the toner! I looked so much plumper and vibrant after just 1 use. I ran home and started doing skincare just to use it again. I am obsessed!!!"

SKINFOOD Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pad - 60 Sheets

These toner pads are another addition I made to my skincare routine around a month ago,just as the seasons were changing and my skin was flaring up with seasonal acne and dryness. If I were to choose a must-have product for sensitive skin like mine, these toner pads are at the top. Made with a light, soothing formula packed with ingredients like β-Carotene, these soft pads deliver instant, rich hydraton to my skin and prep it for the rest of my routine. Like multiple reviewers, these pads are so thick that I prefer splitting them in two for morning and night. Alternatively, you can split it in two and use it as a mask, as the brand suggests.

As one Amazon shopper wrote, "Picked these up looking for toner that i can use regularly on my skin which is sensitive and extra dry lately with the cold weather. Ive had my skin turn bright red with things labeled as "sensitive" and have always really appreciated Skinfood's clean ingredients. I really enjoy these. May sound weird but they smell like the candle section of whole foods when you first put it on (though that may just be me, not sure). Don't know if that's a selling point or not but there it is. The pads are very thick and very saturated even at the top. My skin is sensitive and very dry and this is all I need in the morning to refresh my skin. Has enough product to use as a patch mask after wiping your face with it. I use it on my forehead that needs a little extra attention. 60 sheets means i could use them morning and night and extra saturation means whatever is left over at the end can be picked up on one of my own cotton pads to make it last even longer. PS- biodegradable container is a big plus for me and the new branding looks vintage and cute."

SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Asiatica Ampoule Facial Serum

This SKIN1004 ampoule is made with 100% Centella asiatica extract from Madagascar, and its formula is light, watery, and non-sticky, according to the brand. It's loved by reviewers for its ability to absorb quickly and calm red, sensitive skin.

According to one Amazon shopper's experience with this ampoule, "So, I damaged my skin barrier because I bought and used a lot of new different Korean skincare products simultaneously (don't ever do this :c). My skin wasn't dry... only itchy, red, and full of bumps and whiteheads (purging from BHA). I was desperate because everything was causing me irritation and my usual moisturizer wasn't hydrating enough. So, I started using this and Cicalfate cream - morning and night. My skin is slowly but steadily getting better. It is not itchy or red anymore, the bumps are smaller and I am breaking out less. Also, I want to say that this ampoule's texture is amazing, it absorbs right into the skin without leaving me greasy or sticky. I'll keep buying this once I run out because it is amazing."

COSRX Propolis Light Ampoule

I've gone through two bottles of this Propolis Light Ampoule from COSRX, a brand that's most known for its snail mucin extract (also an amazing product I use every morning and night). This rich ampoule is formualted with 83.3% propolis and honey extract, along with hyaluronic acid and panthenol (a.k.a. vitamin B5) — in other words, it's ultra-hydrating and nourishing for your skin. According to the brand, it also helps target stressed skin and reduce redness for a radiant glow.

One Amazon shopper described this as the "Best Serum I've Ever Tried," adding, "I am obsessed with skincare. Moisturizers, serums, scrubs, peels, whatever. I have tried them all. This is hands down the best serum I have ever tried. It plumps my skin, soothes redness, perks up my complexion and hydrates. It's fantastic under makeup - sets it well, and even better worn alone. I am blown away. I will buy this serum until it's discontinued. Absolutely amazing. I'm in my mid 40s for reference and I have extremely sensitive skin."

WELLAGE Real Hyaluronic Blue Ampoule 100

Yet another amazing skincare product that I will forever swear by and has totally transformed my skin in the span of just a month, this Real Hyaluronic Blue Ampoule 100 is perfect for soothing dry, sensitive skin. It has a watery, non-sticky texture that absorbs well into your skin, and it's packed chockful of hyaluronic acid that delivers nine-layer hydration to your skin, according to the brand. Plus, it's infused with Alpinia galanga extract, β-glucan, and vitamin B5, so your skin is left feeling nourished, hydrated, and soothed — speaking from personal experience.

According to one Amazon shopper, "This review is based on six weeks of usage. I have combination skin with dry cheeks and an oily nose. Since the beginning of summer, I noticed that my skin was getting dry in the afternoon when I wore sunscreen. So, in early July, I decided to try this ampoule as a replacement for my morning toner. The ampoule has a watery consistency, but it provides excellent moisture to my skin. A helpful tip I discovered is to apply one drop to each cheek – it doesn't leave any oily or sticky residue and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day!"

LANEIGE Cream Skin Toner & Moisturizer with Ceramides and Peptides

You may be most familiar with LANEIGE's lip products, but this toner & moisturizer may just take the cake as the best product from the brand this winter. According to the brand, this hybrid two-in-one formula preps and softens your skin like a toner and moisturizes like a cream for rich hydration benefits in one simple step. You can apply it after cleansing and reapply extra layers as needed. If you want to learn more about the hydrating capabilities of this product, check out these Amazon reviews:

"I've struggled with the most stubborn dry skin , that is sensitive to almost EVERYTHING I try to apply. My skin type is Dry , Tight and Sensitive no matter how much consistency and product i've been recommended by my Dermatologist NOTHING WORKS. I've decided to give this a try and oh my gosh!!! My skin feels sooo supple and leaves it feeling comfortable. No fragrance is a PLUS for sensitivity. Use this along with the water bank cream ! You WILL see a difference. Picture of my skin (with no makeup!!!) weeks after using This toner with the Laneige Water bank along with corsx Essence. chefs kiss"

"I cannot live without this product. I am a cosmetic junky who tries everything and I'm rarely impressed. I use this anytime I wash or wet my face before my face is even dry. It leaves my skin completely hydrated to the point where any additional moisturizer is optional. I have dry skin. I will always have a backup of this product. The refillable option is a major bonus for my wallet and the environment, I was very pleased when they released it. The original spray bottle I have had for 2 years has not broken or chipped after being taken on a plane and various trips. I have refilled it several times. 1,000/10"

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Goodal Green Tangerine Vitamin C Eye Cream

Eye creams are an essential step in daily skincare, but if you thought all eye creams were the same, think again. Goodal's green tangerine eye cream works to reduce dark circles from the inside out using a combination of vitamin C, vitamin P, and green tangerine extract for brightening effects. The formula also includes adenosine and peptide ingredients to help boost elasticity and firmness while simultaneously taking care of your dark circles.

As one reviewer notes, "I have been using this eye cream for about a week now and so far I am impressed. I found this eye cream because I use the vitamin c serum from the same brand and found it to be effective but also gentle on my sensitive skin. I have rosacea and a lot of products tend to send my skin into painfully hot red flare-ups. I have not had this issue with any items from this brand so I decided to give the eye cream a try and man am I glad that I did! First of all, I really like the pump on the eye cream, it keeps the product safely ensconced in the container away from direct sunlight and from anything that could contaminate the product, unlike other products where you repeatedly stick fingers or a tool into the container. That little piece of hygiene is big considering you are going to be putting this product around the eye. Second of all, once you apply the eye cream it doesn't move! I know you guys know what I am talking about when you have the eye cream migrate up or down into the eyes, I can't stand that. This one does not do that at all! I have also found that it works as a nice primer for my eye makeup and my makeup doesn't tend to crease under my eyes when I use it. Another plus I have found is that it immediately brightens up the under-eye area, with the results that you see right away I am assuming that using this for a longer period would yield even better results! All in all the product is a great eye cream for anti-aging/well aging with vitamin c as one of the big vitamins known for collagen production. With its gentle but effective formula, it's a no-brainer to add it to your skincare routine!"

AESTURA Atobarrier365 Cream with Ceramide

AESTURA's moisturzer delivers deep hydration and strengthens your skin barrier using a patented, triple-ingredient encapsulation techhnology, according to the brand. It's dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for those with sensitive, irritated skin. As these Amazon reviewers describe:

"I've tried several moisturizers and previously used cetaphil deep hydration. This one works the best for super dry skin. I was using retinoid for a while and my skin became patchy and flaky and superrrrrr dry. This was the only thing that actually helped soothe the patchiness. There is no scent to it which I love. It can feel greasy if you use too much. I start off with a pea size amount on my fingertips and then rub that between both hands using my fingertips. Then I gently dab it onto my dry areas of my face first and use whatever is left for my t-zone which tends to be more oily. If I need more, I squeeze out less than a pea size amount and apply it to the needed area. It leaves my skin feeling soft and isn't irritating at all."

"There is a reason why so many Korean tik tokers rave about this product. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. I was using a Trader Joe's moisturize prior to this but felt like it wasn't giving me enough moisture. When I first tried this product I enjoyed the consistency of it. It wasn't too greasy or watery. Then I kept using it for a few days and my skin has never looked so glowy and well hydrated! I almost want to apologize to my skin before I tried this because I hadn't realized how deprived of moisture my skin was. It makes me look so radiant and the effect last all day! It leaves my skin feeling so smooth too! I now understand why this is so popular!"

ROUND LAB Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen

Yes, you still very much need sunscreen in your daily routine even in winter. This shopper-loved sunscreen from ROUND LAB has a soft and creamy texture that easily absorbs into your skin, working double duty as a sunscreen and moisturizer. It includes niacinamide to help decrease hyperpigmentation and hyaluronic acid for extra hydration.

According to one Amazon shopper, "This is the sunscreen that's closest to the texture of the face lotion I use every day and that's really the biggest reason I use this brand. It is extremely protective and minimally greasy. It feels a lot less gross on my skin than any other sunscreen I've used, and I've used A LOT of sunscreens. An embarrassing amount. It's a little bit pricey for the amount but, if you don't mind the price, I would say it is pretty worth it. To use sparingly I only apply it to my face and I use a different kind for everywhere else"

SKIN1004 Hyalu-Cica Water-Fit Sun Serum

If you're particularly averse to the feeling of sunscreen on your skin (I totally get it), SKIN1004's sun serum is about to be your new best friend. It has an ultra-lightweight formula that's non-sticky and serum-like, providing a breathable and dewy finish with no white cast.

As one Amazon reviewer notes, "This is the absolute best sunscreen I have ever used in my life, and that comes after multiple years of testing different kinds from both the US and other countries. I have very sensitive skin and also recently found out I have rosacea. I have figured out that the combination of chemical sunscreens in this formula is the least irritating to me. On top of that, there are additional ingredients like niacinamide, birch bark, centella and green tea that are all soothing for my skin. I normally get a "tight" feeling while wearing sunscreen, or an increasing irritation, or even slow burning. I don't get any of that with this sunscreen, and I can even wear it on my eyelids without irritation. This is also unscented and comes in a pump design. It's a very flat tube that fits easily in my purse for reapplication. I've already increased my sunscreen usage dramatically because I know I'm not going to be irritated, and the tube travels easily. 1000% recommend this for sensitive or oily skin, or people who are having issues with rosacea who want to try chemical sunscreens."

Mediheal Tea Tree Essential Blemish Control Mask - Pack of 10

I've tried out a lot of different sheet masks throughout the years, but I always end up coming back to these Mediheal masks because they give me the best results — period. They're designed to fit comfortably on your face, ensuring maximum absorption, and the formula works to treat blemishes at their source using powerful-yet-gentle ingredients like tea tree extract/leaf oil.

According to one Amazon shopper, "These masks as amazing. I have tried many different kinds and these are my favorite. I have combination skin. I use these before going to bed to help heal, prevent, etc. while I sleep. It is calming for the skin and makes me not want to pick at my skin. The material is very soft and almost translucent yet has enough hold for the ample amount of product that you get. Meaning it does not feel heavy when you put it on your face or uncomfortable as some masks do. The product does not have a tacky feel or smell. There is extra serum to pat on after putting the mask on and even after you take it off if you want. The fit of the make is also nice in that the slits are well placed for making it easier to smooth the mask out where needed. Overall a solid purchase for the price if you are looking for a mask to add to your routine I helping with acne. *the mask will not clear up acne completely and you will most likely need to use other products, but it is calming and helps your skin feel less irritated."

Abib Rice Probiotics Overnight Mask Barrier Jelly

Speaking of masks, if you want one that works while you sleep, this Abib overnight mask is a must-have addition to your skincare routine. The bouncy jelly mask contains rice bran probiotics that help fortify the skin barrier, repair dry and damaged skin, and boost skin elasticity, according to the brand.

One Amazon shopper reviewed, "Uhm, this was a tiktok influenced buy and I am enthralled with the results. I've never felt a jelly mask like this before. A little goes A LONG WAY, like, I think this jar is going to last MONTHS. I keep mine in the fridge and it's soo soothing, non irritating. I wake up with glowing skin. Literally. It hydrates and soothes and I even feel like my redness is quelled. It also makes my skin extremely soft!! This was an absolutely gold mine of a find for me!"

AROMATICA Rosemary Scalp Scaling Shampoo

Of course, hydrating K-beauty isn't just limited to skincare. If your hair and scalp have also been feeling dry lately, this rosemary shampoo may be just what you need. Made with food-grade rosemary essential oil, this scalp scaling shampoo incorporate ingredients like salicylic acid to help break down dead skin cells, helping manage clogged pores, itchy scalp, and dandruff. Multiple reviewers rave about how clean this shampoo makes their scalp feel without entirely stripping their hair of moisture.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, "I was skeptical of this shampoo as most other "clean" shampoos have disappointed me. They're either unable to actually clean my usually very coarse and oily hair or they dry out my hair too much. The Aromatica Tea Tree shampoo satisfies both the issues I've had before, and it has the added bonus of being rated as a pretty healthy shampoo by EWG. Seeing as it's so hard to find good cleaning shampoos in general, I'll be sticking with this shampoo for a while."

Dr.ForHair UNOVE Deep Damage Treatment

If you're looking for a hair product that specifically aims to deliver ultra-rich hydration to your strands, check out this Deep Damage Treatment from Dr.ForHair's UNOVE. It's packed full of keratin-PF restore damaged, split, dry, rough hair that's prone to breakage and frizziness, according tothe brand. The formula also includes 31 collagen and amino acids, varius plant-derived oils, and five herbal oils for powerful, lasting hydration.

According to one Amazon shopper, "I bleach my hair from time to time and it's really damaged. It's more of dry and tangled. I use this for the first time today and it worked so well. This is one of the best deep conditioners I've ever used. My hair came out super soft. I left it for 10 to 15 minutes. It also has a nice smell to it. You don't even have to use much of it. Just a little goes a long way!"

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