How The Golden Bachelor's Susan Noles Really Feels About Those Kris Jenner Comparisons

Susan Noles, who appeared on Gerry Turner's season of The Golden Bachelor, shared her reaction to fans saying she resembles The Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner in a chat with E! News.

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When it comes to how Susan Noles feels about those comparisons to Kris Jenner, this isn't a case for the FBI.  

The Golden Bachelor contestant recently shared her reaction to fans saying she looks like The Kardashians matriarch, and (spoiler alert) she thinks it's amazing, sweetie. 

"I would love to have lunch with her," Susan exclusively told E! News. "I admired that woman for the last, I don't know, 20 years. I have had this short, dark hair forever—maybe before Kris even came about."

Although, this isn't the first time she's heard they bear a resemblance. 

"Everywhere I go, people [say] I remind them of her," the wedding officiant from Pennsylvania continued. "'Hey, did anybody ever tell you'—before it even comes out. My cousin Donna's so sick of hearin' it. I've heard it in Italy, I was in the Bahamas, I'm in Atlantic City, I'm at the gas station. Just when people look at me, they think of her. So, I love it, it's a compliment to me, and I would love to be able to have lunch with her and just pick her brain a little bit. I think she's a very intelligent woman, and I admire her."

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If you've been keeping up, then you saw Susan was eliminated from The Golden Bachelor just before hometown dates. However, she wasn't surprised she didn't get Gerry Turner's rose at the last ceremony—noting their connection ended up being more platonic than romantic.

"I was expecting it," the 66-year-old said about her exit from the show. "We were truly very, very good friends. We meant a lot to each other, and we talked to each other, and I helped him out a couple times with thoughts that he had. And he shared with me how I reminded him of his wife because I had so much empathy and strength. And I made the man laugh several times, numerous times. And we were in a friend zone."

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And while Susan says she'll be Gerry's "friend forever"—yes, she still has the rose quartz crystal he gave her—he wasn't the only pal she made on her journey. Fans also saw her bond with her ASKN crew (April Kirkwood, Susan, Kathy Swarts and Nancy Hulkower spell out the acronym, and the group follows the motto, "If you're askin', we're tellin,'"). In fact, Susan said the BFFs are "inseparable" and that they're going on a trip to St. Martin early next year.

"We want to do something for people out in America to understand the reason we went on this journey was hopefully to find love—that was the whole part of it—but we found each other," she told E! News. "So people that are home and not feeling like everything's done and it's over because you're 65, just get that out of your head. Get back out there. Maybe it's just a girlfriend you need."

As fans wait to see how Gerry's season ends, Susan noted she's still on her journey to find love and "definitely single." And while she and the retired restaurateur didn't find love with each other, she left the mansion with even more love for herself. 

"I realized something about me that I'm not a woman that needs a man anymore," she shared. "I'm a woman that a man needs."

And as Susan looks towards her future, she's feeling rosy.

"I love being in love. I wanna be in love and spend your golden years with somebody. You don't want to do it alone," she said. "And it didn't happen yet, there's still hope. But like I said, I've discovered what I know about me, and I'm living my best life right now. I really am. I'm happy, I'm healthy, and I'm available." 

The Golden Bachelor airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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