Renée Blythewood: A Force for Global Good Beyond the Glitz and Glamour

Renée Elizabeth Blythewood has dedicated herself to cultivating a legacy of genuine compassion and selfless commitment.

By Tom White with The Eclectic Agency Oct 27, 2023 1:00 PMTags
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It's easy to be captivated by the glamour of red carpets, the whispers of haute couture, and the bright lights of the Hollywood lifestyle. Yet, nestled among the glitz is a story that transcends it all.

It's the story of Renée Elizabeth Blythewood, a woman who has dedicated herself to cultivating a legacy of genuine compassion and selfless commitment.

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Renée has embodied the cosmopolitan life, living across Miami, LA, and New York. Yet, these cities aren't just pins on her map; they represent chapters of a journey she's still authoring. Dive a little deeper, past the headlines, and you'll find a woman who stands for empathy and contribution.


The early roots of this journey trace back to a classroom in Franklin, Tennessee. Here, as a preschool teacher, Renée found solace in the simple joys of children — their laughter, their unguarded moments, and their innate ability to bring a sense of purpose to those around them. "They have this ability to soften even the hardest of hearts," she reflects. It wasn't just a job but a revelation. The same children, who looked up to her with innocent eyes, unknowingly set her on a path of humanitarian endeavors.

Today, her mission reaches far beyond the borders of America. Take for instance her dedication to rehabilitating an abandoned school for Ukrainian women and child refugees. The stories of resilience she's encountered in Ukraine speak volumes. People who have seemingly lost everything, yet continue to embrace life with an optimism that's nothing short of inspiring. Renée shares, "I didn't know what strength, courage, and bravery were until I met the people of Ukraine."

Balancing her passion projects with motherhood has been a chapter of its own. Renée's role as a mother to her son, Levi, while navigating the realms of single parenthood, has been both a challenge and a cherished experience: "Single parenting can be very challenging yet also incredibly rewarding," she admits. The constant juggle between work, family, friends, and personal well-being is a testament to her resilience.


In Renée, we find a unique amalgamation of characteristics that make her one of a kind. Her nurturing spirit, stemming from her core as a mother, is evident in every project she undertakes. Be it supporting children through her involvement in initiatives such as the prestigious Angel Ball — organized by the Gabrielle's Angels foundation — Renée's touch is invariably personal, unquestionably impactful and admirably selfless.

Three words she chooses to describe herself? Loving, responsible, and energetic. But to the communities she's impacted, to the children whose lives she's touched, and to the many who've been inspired by her story, Renée Blythewood is an embodiment of hope and living proof that there is tremendous power in the choices that luminaries like her make, such as leveraging her network and public recognition to further noble causes.

With her upcoming projects to help materialize a school and a clinic in Rwanda, Renée continues to pen her journey. One thing is clear: This is a woman who isn't just about the bright lights, she's about lighting the way for others.

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