Travis Kelce Reacts to Coach Andy Reid Giving Taylor Swift the Ultimate Stamp of Approval

Head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs Andy Reid recently approved Taylor Swift's attendance at his NFL games, and Travis Kelce was all for it.

By Hayley Santaflorentina Oct 25, 2023 4:17 PMTags
Watch: Taylor Swift Supports Travis Kelce With No. 87 Bracelet

When it comes to Taylor Swift's NFL attendance, Andy Reid isn't ready to give her the sack. 

In fact, the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach thinks her being there is a total touchdown because, as it turns out, when the "Anti-Hero" singer is in the stands, her boyfriend Travis Kelce helps scores more touchdowns.

During the Chiefs' recent Oct. 22 game against the Los Angeles Chargers, CBS reviewed some of Travis Kelce's stats from the four games she's been present for versus those when she's absent, and the results speak for themselves. Per the network's review, the tight end averages 99 yards when Taylor is in the stadium, and only 46.5 when she's not. 

"Not only is social media noticing it," Jason Kelce said of his younger brother's improved performance during the Oct. 25 episode of their New Heights podcast, "but it appears that Big Red is noticing it."

To which Travis chimed in, with a laugh, "I love Coach Reid man, what a guy," prompting Jason to continue, "In his post-game press conference, he was asked about your big game and his response was, 'Kelce keeps getting better with time, Taylor can stay around all she wants." 

Why Travis Kelce Could Be "The 1" for Taylor Swift

And for Travis, his coach's approval speaks for itself. 

"What a guy," he chuckled. "Listen when you're getting Big Red's approval and blessings, you know you're doing something right."

Kyle Rivas / David Eulitt / Getty Images

And not only has the Grammy winner won over the head of the Chiefs, but it would appear she's also charmed Travis' parents Donna and Ed Kelce. On top of chatting and laughing with the Kelce matriarch during her NFL appearances, Taylor has also been praised by Ed in particular. 

Not only did he describe her as a "very, very sweet, very charming, down-to-earth young woman," but he was also taken with the way the "Cruel Summer" singer kept the suite clean while attending the Oct. 12 Kansas City game against the Denver Broncos. 

"I'll tell you something very special that I noticed about Taylor the first time I met her," Ed told People in an interview published Oct. 23. "We're sitting in the suite, she gets up and in the front room, she gets up to go get a drink or something and she starts picking up empty bottles, cans, plates that are scattered around. I'm just thinking, I don't think she got the diva memo. She didn't get the spoiled musician. And that really to me said a whole lot."

To relive every moment from Taylor's latest NFL appearance as the Chiefs defeated the Chargers, keep reading. 

Taylor & Brittany Mahomes

Taylor appears with Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes' wife and youngest child, son Bronze, 10 months.

Cheering for Travis

Wearing Her Heart on Her Sleeve

Taylor sports a friendship bracelet bearing Travis' jersey number, 87, with two hearts.

Thumbs Up

Go Chiefs

All Smiles



Taking Pics



Travis scores!


Team Spirit

New Besties

Girl Talk

Hanging Out at Travis' Home

Taylor appears with Bernie Kosar, a Cleveland Browns legend, at Travis' Kansas City, Mo. home before the Chief's game against the Los Angeles Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium Oct. 22, 2023.

Pre-Game Selfie

Taylor appears with Bernie Kosar.

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