Watch Brie and Nikki Garcia Help Siblings Find Their Perfect Match in Must-See Twin Love Trailer

Brie and Nikki Garcia are lending a helping hand to other twin siblings looking to find their perfect partner in the Prime Video dating series Twin Love.

By Kisha Forde Oct 25, 2023 2:00 PMTags
Watch: Twin Love - Official Trailer With Brie and Nikki Garcia

A dating experience far from identical to anything you've seen before.

Twin sisters and wrestling champs Brie Garcia and Nikki Garcia have signed up to assist in matches in a completely different arena: They're helping ten sets of twins find love.

In the upcoming Prime Video series, Twin Love, a new social experiment involves exploring the romantic lives of those identical siblings by splitting them up into two different houses, thereby creating two different casts eager to start their journey.

In each house, those cast members will try to find the perfect match—away from their twin (for the first time ever, for some) and without communicating with their sibling.

As Bella and Nikki note, this process will, interestingly enough, allow them to see if both someone and their twin "date the same twin set—and to see if you can prioritize your life instead of theirs."

But that's not all, as the threat of elimination looms over each residence, with a catch. Whoever is sent home has to visit the other house to—get this—pick their twin up and take them home too.

Celebrities With a Twin Sibling

As the show's synopsis promises, "With double the fun and drama, the series will discover if their inherent similarities extend to their romantic desires. As the twins embark on their journey to find love, they are met with surprises along the way."

Prime Video

As for what those surprises could be? The sets of twins already within their houses will have their vision shift drastically as new pairs of twins join to add even more sparks to the experiment.

Brace yourself for twice the revealing romances when Twin Love premieres on Prime Video Nov. 17.

And since the trailer pulled back the curtain on the identities of the castmates, keep reading learn more about the additional siblings that will be shaking things up.

Akash Chandani and Krish Chandani

Akash and Krish are brothers of Indian descent and are extremely proud of it. They consider themselves to have grown up very similar—both played basketball, had the same GPAs, got accepted into the same 10 colleges, went to the same college, and majored in engineering. Krish started doing music first, and encouraged Akash to do it with him.


In college, they were discovered by Wiz Khalifa, and Taylor Gang sent them beats to record while they were still in school. Today, while still pursuing music, they have become well-known and top-selling real estate agents in the Bay Area. 

Maddie Capozza and Gaby Capozza

With a knack for “twin telepathy,” Gaby and Maddie have rarely been apart, with the exception of college. While they are similar in many ways, they are complementary in personality type.


Maddie is the typical type-B sibling and Gaby is the type-A twin, but what constantly brings them together are their free spirits, positive and down-to-earth attitudes, and their emotional intelligence. They are music lovers and are both pursuing a career in the music industry, while also singing and creating music independently.

Morgaine Smith and Rhiannon Smith

Rhiannon and Morgaine were born in Scotland but grew up in the countryside of Virginia, never thinking they would become the city girls they are now. With Scottish parents, the twins are used to traveling back and forth to the UK and the U.S., but three years ago, Rhiannon decided to pack up and move to Manchester for good.


After a little over a year, Morgaine joined her sister, and the two have begun to blossom in their city life. When it comes to work life, Morgaine is the type-A planner, with major career ambitions and a drive to succeed. Rhiannon is happy to go with the flow and is comparatively the more outgoing twin, although both love to go out and have a good time.

Shelby Baker and Ally Baker

Shelby and Ally may seem like big city girls, but their childhood was anything but city living. They grew up in a small town in Colorado, on a cow farm with pigs, chickens, goats, and horses. As kids, they both dreamed of leaving the small-town life behind for the big city, so that’s exactly what they did.


The twins like to joke that Shelby is like a golden retriever; if she smells someone new, she wants to be their friend. They love to make people laugh, and Ally is known for her quick wit. 

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