Bad Bunny Makes SNL Hosting Debut With Cameos by Pedro Pascal, Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger

Bad Bunny hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time Oct. 21, 2023. For his big debut, he was joined by fellow celebs such as Pedro Pascal, who acted as a translator.

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Saturday Night Live just got hotter x 2.

On Oct. 21, as Bad Bunny began his monologue as a first-time host of the NBC series, he was joined by surprise guest Pedro Pascal.

The Chilean-born Last of Us actor, who made his own SNL debut in February, acted as a mock translator for the Puerto Rican rapper, who told the audience that English was not his first language.

"Well, people, the truth is that this morning, I woke up at the hotel incredibly tired," Bad Bunny said in Spanish. "I just released an album. I've been rehearsing all week. I almost didn't arrive. Traffic in New York, you know, it's super... I honestly didn't even want to come here, I swear."

He continued, "But the truth is, at least they have treated me well," and thanked SNL creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels.

Pedro then said in English, "He says, 'I'm blessed to be here with my favorite actor, Pedro Pascal.'"

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Bad Bunny then asked the Mandalorian actor in English if he could give him advice for his monologue. Pedro responded, "When you're doing a monologue, I find it's always charming when you make a self-deprecating joke."

After the rapper feigned confusion, the actor continued, "It's like you make a joke about a part of your body or your face that's unflattering."

Bad Bunny confidently replied in English, "I don't have any," before asking in Spanish, "What are you talking about?"

"Totally," Pedro agreed. "Me either."

The actor also suggested that Bad Bunny show an embarrassing photo of himself, after which a pic of the rapper posing with a towel covering his crotch was displayed.

"I'm sorry, how is that embarrassing?" Pedro asked, to which the rapper, who has occasionally shared suggestive images of himself on Instagram, responded, "Because I forgot to put on clothes."

Pedro later reprised a role for his own SNL hosting stint in a sketch with Bad Bunny titled "Protective Mom 2."

Also during the show, the rapper performed two songs on SNL—"MONACO" and "UN PREVIEW." Pedro introduced the rapper's first performance, while Lady Gaga introduced his second.

Mick Jagger, whose band The Rolling Stones performed a surprise show at a New York City club with the "Bad Romance" singer as a guest Oct. 19 (to promote their new album Hackney Diamonds(, made his own cameo on the episode in what marked his first time on SNL since 1986. The rock legend starred with Bad Bunny in a sketch titled Telenovela.

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