Scorpio Season Gift Guide: 11 Birthday Gifts The Water Sign Will Love

These are the birthday gifts for Scorpio season that even the most secretive of signs won't be able to hide how much they enjoy.

By Sophy Ziss Oct 23, 2023 12:00 PMTags
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Well, it finally happened: Scorpio season is upon us. And while the passionate, emotional, and often mysterious water sign can seem like they're hard to read, there's nothing they love more than you seeing through that. I mean, they might not show it, but it's true. 

That's why I put together this shopping guide of birthday gifts for Scorpios. Yes, they love to sulk; sure, they love to keep secrets; and yeah, sometimes their intense, fiery appreciation for something can seem like it came out of nowhere. But you know what I'm hearing? Consistency!

A Scorpio may seem calm, moody, or broody on the surface, but it's only because she protective of how full of feelings she is. They're water signs with a stinger, but that tough exterior is all gooey on the inside.

Below, shop birthday gifts for Scorpios that their inner and outer emo kid will love you even more for.

Holiday Gifts Under $50 That It's Definitely Not Too Soon To Buy

Shine By Sterling Forever Zodiac Pendant Necklace

Delicate and ideal for layering, this simple Scorpio necklace is a perfect piece for everyday wear.

Joanna Buchanan Coasters

Joanna Buchanan's elegant coasters lend sophisticated flair to Scorpio's entertaining and drink-sipping-by-oneself alike.

Chaser Skull Fatigues

When they're in the mood for it, our Scorpio friends are like the ultimate "It's not a phase, mom!" but as a person. So, give them the gift of really leaning into it with this cozy skull print top.

Nodpod Weighted Blanket

And when they're really in the need to brood, there's this portable weighted blanket to keep them comfy (and, supposedly, extra-relaxed). Also, it's black, because of course it is.

Multitasky Everything Notebook B5

For those days when the water sign is swimming in their feelings, a high-quality notebook is their best friend. (Pen sold separately.)

Miller Harris Candle

I mean, a fancy minimalist British candle with a sleek black vessel? One that has a woodsy, smoky scent and serves as both fragrance and decor? It would have to literally have "Scorpio" printed on it to be more apropos.

Little Words Project Zodiac Bracelet

Little Words Project's Scorpio friendship bracelet offers a whimsical way for someone to wear their sign on their sleeve. Well, wrist. You get it.

Besame Cosmetics Noir Lipstick 1930

Because you can't wear a black lip to every occasion, the Noir 1930-inspired shade from Besame has the scorpion's back. It's creamy, long-lasting, and almost universally flattering, delivering a femme fatale look when a regular Wednesday Addams moment isn't going to cut it.

Demeter Scorpio Eau De Toilette

Demeter's sensuous fragrance was formulated specifically to suit the Scorpio's deep, quietly fiery, and passionate nature.

Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf

Playful, versatile, and classic, this skull-printed scarf is a signature of Alexander McQueen's — and sure to be a staple of your proudly broody Scorpio bestie.

Fendi Wrappy

Whether it's tied around a Scorpio's wrist, handbag, or bun, this luxe wrap adds a personalized and haute couture detail to everything it touches.

It's still not too late to shop for Libra season gifts! Trust us, no one turns down a birthday present, even if it arrives a few days into the next zodiac wheel position.

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