The 13 Best Good Luck Charms for Friday the 13th and Beyond

Shop from crystals, tools and accessories to help ward off negative energy on the scariest date of the year.

By Camila Quimper Oct 13, 2023 12:00 PMTags
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We've all heard of the superstition about the ghoulish and ghastly date: Friday the 13th. To many, the infamous spooky date is paired with countless Halloween traditions and dark energy surrounding the number 13. While some perceive it as a harbinger of misfortune, others may believe it brings good luck depending on their religious and cultural beliefs. Despite its historical roots in Norse mythology and certain Western religious associations with ill fate, today, it's mostly tied to a slasher franchise, or as a day that evokes superstitious anxiety.

If you're looking to stay extra safe and keep any dark energy away from you this Friday the 13th, we recommend trying out a good luck charm for protection. From crystals and evil eye jewelry to full moon kits and Palo Santo sticks, these are the best good luck charms to help clear out negative energy from your life this Friday the 13th, and beyond!

Smoky Quartz Raw Point

Smoky quartz is known to pull energy all the way down to your chakras, anchoring you and helping your energy get back into balance. Opt for this raw point crystal if you're looking for something soothing and protective that transmutes negative energy into positive.

The Moon Queen Box

If you're a newbie to the spiritual world of crystals and good luck charms, this moon kit is just for you. Nothing makes you feel safer and more nurtured than meditating under the glow of our radiant and maternal celestial body. Spend the spooky day performing a sacred ritual for peacefulness with the Moon Queen box.

Heart Protection Amulet Necklace

The color red symbolizes the life force of blood, courage, and bravery. This amulet helps ward off negative energy and guides whoever wears it on a path of peace and light.

Labradorite Pendulum

Made from a blend of Carnelian and Onyx, this stone will offer you great protection. Sardonyx is also known to draw in people who only have the best intentions and have your highest good in mind.

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Black Tourmaline Rutilated Quartz Premiere Power Mini Bracelet

Wear this Black Tourmaline and Clear Quartz bracelet on a daily basis to remove negative energy and turn it into positivity. The magic combination of crystals acts as a psychic protection, creating a bubble of light around you.

Black Obsidian Palm Stone

Also known as another powerful protector, Black Obsidian is meant to burn through any tension one may be holding in their body. It also works as a shield around you, keeping any bad energy away from your aura.

Tourmalinated Quartz Teardrop Necklace

Not only will this Tourmalinated Quartz teardrop necklace look beautiful hanging around your neck all year, it's also a pure and positive energy unifier. Which makes it extra handy on Friday the 13th.  

Mandala Protection Amulet Bracelet

The mandala is known to represent peace, unity, and harmony between you and the universe. Make sure to wear this protection amulet bracelet on the left hand where it works the best, since it is closest to the heart.

Aventurine Carved Angel

This angel figurine is made of Aventurine, which is known as the "lucky" stone due to its connection to abundance and prosperity. It claims to give off a "winning" vibration to help shift success in your direction.

Eledaa Magic Incense Blend

Cleansing your space with the power of scent can help ward off bad vibes and introduce positive ones. The Eledaa magic incense blend consists of Benzoin Sumatra, Frankincense, cedar, Palo Santo, peppermint, calamus root, and rose absolute. Make sure to burn on charcoal, or lightly dust away from the candle wicks so it acts as an offering to guardian angels too.

Evil Eye Protection Amulet Bracelet

Evil eyes are universally known as the most common good luck charm. This symbol wards off bad vibes from others and prevents any negative forces from malicious glares or ill will.

Calming Crystal Set

This set comes with six hand-picked crystals—Howlite, Fluorite, Blue Obsidian, Sodalite, Lepidolite, and Selenite. Each crystal serves a different purpose, but all together, brings forth calming vibrations and removes negativity from your life. This is a great starter set to have if you're a newbie to crystals.

Palo Santo Stick

Commonly used in ancient and modern times for spiritual cleansing and purifying, grab a pair of Palo Santo sticks to bless your space and clear negative energies on Friday the 13th.

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