Rumer Willis Has a Message for "Nasty" Trolls Sending Her Hateful Comment

Rumer Willis responded to the backlash she received over a list of parenting essentials some people deemed too high-end, asking the trolls to stop sending hate her way.

By Alexandra Bellusci Oct 06, 2023 5:40 PMTags
Watch: Rumer Willis Responds to "Nasty" Online Troll Comments

Rumer Willis is a die-hard advocate for being kind online. 

After the 35-year-old compiled a list of her must-have baby items for New York Magazine's The Strategist last month, she received push backlash on social media from some people who felt her selections were too unaffordable for most new parents. And the vitriol reached a point that prompted Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's eldest daughter to speak out against the hate.

"So I would never normally post what I just posted," the House Bunny actress said on her Instagram Story Oct. 6, referencing a video she shared showcasing all the negative remarks under the Strategist's post. "But I felt inclined to just share because I was really taken aback at the level of negativity and just trolling."

And although Rumer, who welcomed daughter Louetta with boyfriend Derek Richard earlier this year, admitted she should be used to trolls after years in the public eye, it does still hurt her from time to time.

Rumer Willis' Life As a Mom

"I know I should just come to expect this because it's just what people do and think it's okay to just treat other people that way," she continued. "Regardless of whether you like me or not or think I've accomplished anything in my life or not, I'm also just a human being that has feelings. I am a sensitive human being and I'd greatly appreciate it if you weren't so nasty to me and so mean to me."

As for how Rumer would like her Instagram followers to treat her?

"Allow me the space," she began, "to be a person who has worked, has done things, who has accomplished—in my opinion—certain things that I'm really proud of in my life and I'm still working and growing and trying to find what my zone of excellence is or what feels really good for me that I want to share."

The new mom also reminded viewers that her intention for the list she compiled was to simply post items that bring her joy and might bring others joy as well.

Rumer concluded her message by telling fans, "I just want to have this be a reminder that even though you can label and call me a nepo baby or whatever it is, I'm also just a person."


But it's clear the Now and Then star isn't letting the hate get to her, as in a follow-up slide on her Instagram Story, she posted a sweet family photo with Derek and their 6-month-old.

"My life is a gift," Rumer wrote alongside the pic. "I have never been happier and feel more in love than I have ever been. I have the most wonderful daughter beyond my wildest dreams. And my story is only beginning."

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