How to Get Kim Kardashian's Glowing Skin at Home, According to Her Facialist Toska Husted

Kim Kardashian's facialist Toska Husted shared insight into the star's beauty practices and how her skincare rituals can easily be recreated in the comfort of your home.

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If you've been keeping up with Kim Kardashian, then you know she's a beauty aficionado.

But did you know her skincare practices aren't so intense? Celebrity facialist Toska Husted revealed what The Kardashians star's beauty routine typically consists of—and how fans can recreate the spa-like experience for themselves.

"If you were going to do it at home, it's more like a ritual," the Toska Spa and Facial Bar founder exclusively told E! News. "You want some time for yourself and that good feeling that goes with it."

Once you've created a calming ambiance, then it's time to give your skin some TLC.

"Start with a nice cleanser, an exfoliator, maybe a mask and take a bath while your mask is working," the aesthetician suggested. "Do some serums, a facial massage and a moisturizer."

And although this skincare ritual will make you feel relaxed and rested, Toska noted that it's best to not apply the products before catching z's.

"Half of it is going to end up on the pillowcase," she said. "Do it at least about 30 minutes or an hour before bedtime."

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The facialist—who also works Khloe Kardashian, Kris Jenner and Jennifer Lopez—explained that although Kim's skincare rituals are simple, they are certainly effective.

"She has beautiful skin and she's very natural when she's not working," Toska shared, before offering a piece of beauty advice, "Don't wear makeup when you don't need it."

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Other wisdom from Toska? Cleanse your face—twice.

"You need an oil-based one first—it's going to glide the impurities, the sunscreen, concealer and all of that off," she said. "And then you go in with a gentle milky cleanser to nourish the skin."

As for another beauty must? "Don't skip on the sunscreen during the wintertime," Toska, who is opening spas in Miami, Dallas and Nashville next summer, added. "You want to protect your skin no matter what time of the year it is."

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It turns out, less is always more.