Awful or Awesome: The Hills as Art?!

The reality-show drama queens and kings become fine works of art--is that possible?

By Ted Casablanca Aug 11, 2009 5:00 PMTags
Lauren Conrad pastel drawing, Charles H. Scott GalleryKarin Bubas/ Charles H. Scott Gallery

We might be idiotic enough to let The Hills into our homes when we're flipping through the boob tube, but we know it's trash. Who knew there were people out there who consider

Artist Karin Bubas currently has an exhibition in Vancouver displaying several pastel portraits of the MTV faux-reality-show stars making their signature expressions—whether it's crying, sneering or talking on a cell phone, 'natch. 

The title of the exhibition? "With Friends Like These..." Too perf, doncha think?

Our fave is def a mascara-smeared, sobbing Lauren Conrad, tho we're not sure why she's so upset, since her replacement, Kristin Cavallari, didn't make the creative cut.

We totally dig these drawings, but as far as hanging them in our house or waxing poetic about meaning and art while gaping at 'em in a gallery? We're not so sure we could do that without cracking up.

How about you? Is this totally awful or really awesome? Regardless, at least they can't talk, that's one better than the reality show right there.