Mark Consuelos Makes Cheeky Confession About Kelly Ripa's Naked Body

While discussing the show Naked Attraction, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos revealed whether they would have been drawn to each other had they met this way.

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Watch: Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Critique Their Naked Bodies

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are sharing the bare truth. 

While discussing Naked Attraction—the U.K. dating show that recently began streaming on Max—on the Sept. 26 episode of Live, the cohosts revealed the physical attributes that lured them to each other when they first met. 

As Kelly explained the concept, which she said centers on a suitor who "critiques and eliminates six potential dates standing on stage by scrutinizing their fully nude bodies," Mark exclaimed how not being able to see the dates' faces until the end blew his mind. 

"I start here," he continued while pointing at his wife's face. "That's where I fell in love with you. Right here—those eyes. And then you start glancing at things. Nice shoes."

Kelly then wondered if they would have been drawn to each other had they met in a Naked Attraction way 28 years ago as opposed to on All My Children. As she scanned her body—noting "feet, ankles, knees revealed, thighs revealed, private parts revealed"—Mark said he was "still in." The Let's Talk Off Camera podcast host then continued on. 

"All right, we get up here," she said, later pointing at her chest. "Now, what happens?"

All the Times Lola Consuelos Called Out Parents Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

However, Mark didn't have to think twice. "For me?" the Riverdale alum replied. "I love all of it."

And when Kelly asked "even the parts that aren't really apparent" or "don't jump out at you," Mark made his position very clear and noted, "They were very apparent."

Arturo Holmes/Getty Images

However, he then turned the tables and asked his longtime love if she would have picked him had they been introduced in this manner. And while Kelly initially said she would have been "100 percent in," she then questioned whether she would have actually chosen Mark had she seen only his feet first.

"You know what?" she admitted. "I may not have gotten past the feet. The feet may have eliminated you. What a gift I would have given up! ‘Cause so many other gifts. But the feet are hard to look past."

Over the years, Kelly and Mark—who share kids Michael, 26; Lola, 22; and Joaquin Consuelos, 20—have gotten candid about several aspects of their relationship. And after 27 years of marriage, they're still going strong.

To look back at some of their sweet photos together, keep reading.

Empty Nest, No Problem

For the first September in at least 20 years that she didn't have a kid to see off to school, Kelly filled the void with a throwback from 2008.

Look Out, Behind You!

Looks like Michael's about to get the drop on his little sister in this pic their dad shared on Lola's 19th birthday in 2020.

Class of 2021

Joaquin is surrounded by love at his high school graduation.

Big Men on Campus

"Looks like @instasuelos just found out he won't be @joaquinconsuelos roommate in the fall," Kelly teased during a trip to Ann Arbor before Joaquin started at University of Michigan.

Kelly took a few days off in March 2022 to watch the Wolverines compete in the Division 1 Wrestling Championships in Detroit.

Still a freshman, Joaquin didn't wrestle this time, but still, Kelly said on Live upon her return, "It took years off my life watching these young men."

Generational Health

The whole family finally made it to Greece and Italy in June 2021 after the pandemic had other plans in 2020.

"Last year's graduation trip for our oldest son and niece was delayed long enough to become a graduation trip for the family newborns as well," Kelly shared.

Heavenly Holiday

This family pic from their Mediterranean getaway turned out so well, Kelly made it their 2021 holiday card.

A Sweet Memory

"Happy Easter from the year 2012 because Lola approved this photo," Kelly captioned this throwback, never missing a chance to tease her perpetually appalled teen on social media.

Beautiful Girls

Mark wished the "spectacular women" in his life a happy International Women's Day

Apples of Her Eye

"Happy Valentine's Day to the loves of my life!" Kelly wrote from the heart on Feb. 14, 2022.

Nice View if You Can Get It

Kelly celebrated the fruits of her labor on National Sons Day, Sept. 28, 2021.

Mommy & Son

Kelly and Mark's eldest child, son Michael Consuelos, 24 at the time, posted this sweet throwback photo of him and his mom on her 51st birthday in 2021, writing, "Happy Birthday, Mom!! I hope you have the greatest day ever. You're a badass and an inspiration to everyone. Also, when I call you a T. Rex, I mean it as a compliment. You should know that by now."

History Repeating

In August 2020, Kelly Ripa shared an epic recreation of an old family photo from 2003 on Instagram. With youngest son Joaquin on her lap and older kids Michael and Lola perfectly in place, we'd say they nailed it despite the fact that, as Kelly noted, "objects may appear larger."

Glad Grad

In May 2020, Kelly and Mark celebrated eldest son Michael's graduation—albeit a virtual one, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic—from New York University. Marking the occasion, Kelly wrote on Instagram, "And just like that you graduated college. MJC, the joy and pride you have brought our family is indescribable. I love you with all my heart."

All Grown Up

From kids to teenagers! "#tbt 2011 vs. 2019 Les murs sont devenus plus petits," Kelly shared in an Instagram post that showed just how much her kids have grown. 

School's Out

"The Graduate #2019," Kelly wrote on Instagram celebrating Lola's final days of high school. 

Star-Studded Walk

Kelly receiving her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2015 was an all-hands-on-deck event.

Milestone Moments

Kelly matched her son's gown and the flowers at Joaquin's middle school graduation.

Selfie Time

When your family is this beautiful, you would likely be posing for selfies more often than not too. 

Joy to the World

Holidays always bring family together and this famous crew is no exception. 

Family Fun Day

Back in 2003, Kelly and husband Mark Consuelos celebrated the opening night for A Year With Frog and Toad at Maxine's in New York City.

Red Carpet Pros

Back in 2001, Mark and Kelly took their son to the ATLANTIS The Lost Empire premiere at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City. 

Snow Day

Whether they are traveling somewhere hot and tropical or cool and snowy, this family always knows how to have a good time. 

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