Here's How True Thompson "Bullies" Mom Khloe Kardashian

In the season four premiere of The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian revealed that daughter True Thompson "bullies" her over this whale of a fear.

By Lindsay Weinberg Sep 30, 2023 5:00 PMTags
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Khloe Kardashian's confession is quite fishy.

The Kardashians star revealed in the Sept. 28 episode that she's truly terrified of whales—and she's not squidding. As Kris Jenner put it, the 39-year-old is petrified of "the thought of a whale, the glance of a whale, the conversation of a whale."

In fact, Khloe and Tristan Thompson's daughter True Thompson, 5, loves to rock the boat by poking fun at her phobia. 

"My daughter bullies me," Khloe said in a confessional. "She draws me photos of whales just to f--k with me. And she thinks it's so funny. Everyone turns into a f--king asshole at some point, oh my god."

So, why is the Good American founder so "uncomfortable" around the sea creatures? She attempted to explain why their sheer size disturbs her.

"This thing is so big, you don't see it coming. There's no ripples; there's no warning. That's weird," she said, later adding, "Its heart is bigger than a school bus! Like, it's crazy."

Khloe Kardashian Through the Years

Her fear was put to the test in the season four premiere, when Kardashian-Jenner family took a trip to Cabo in Mexico. A member of the household staff informed the group that whales were migrating through the area and said they'd likely get a glimpse of humpback whales, gray whales or blue whales.

"I'm really freaking out. He said they come close to the shore?" Khloe asked her family over lunch. "Oh my god. I feel like I'm going to cry."

Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

Kim Kardashian assured her that the animals are "so pretty" to see. "You're not going to go in the ocean with them," she noted, with Kris' partner Corey Gamble assuring her, "They're not going to come in the pool." 

Khloe later grabbed a pair of binoculars to try to scope them out.

"Why is this whale season? Like, why? What are they doing? Mating? That's sick," she said. "And why do they come to the shore? That is way too close for my comfort."


After Kim spotted a whale spout and saw one jump out of the sea, Khloe started screaming and ran away to collapse on the bed. "Oh my god, that was actually terrible!" she wailed. "It came out of the water!"

Even Kris has no idea why Khloe feels like a fish out of water in these situations.  

"I can't quite figure out where Khloe got this fear of whales," the matriarch said in a confessional. "It had to have been somewhere in her childhood that I went really, really wrong somehow. I'm so sorry, Khloe."


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