Grey's Anatomy: Five Questions With Kevin McKidd

Major Hottie dishes on how George's death will affect everyone and what's to come with Owen and Yang

By Natalie Abrams Aug 10, 2009 7:50 PMTags
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We all know George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) is a goner, which means season six of Grey's Anatomy really starts off on a low note.

What could possibly bring up the spirits of the docs at Seattle Grace hospital and, of course, the audience? Romance! Yes, Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) are getting even closer this year, though something arises from his past that may throw a wrench in the matter.

McKidd also reveals how George's death will affect everyone in the hospital, especially Owen, who basically helped George to become the hero.

So what are the perks of going to the Television Critics Association? Sitting down with Grey's McKidd and passing all the scoop onto you!

How does it feel coming into season six of Grey's Anatomy?
I became a series regular at episode 10 last year, so it's nice to be full-time right from the start.

How is George's death going to affect everyone?
I think it affected Owen Hunt a lot because he kind of mentored him and got him up on his feet as a trauma surgeon. He really felt that O'Malley was going to become the next star head of trauma at the hospital. He didn't encourage him to join the army, but he certainly thought it was an honorable and great thing to do, so I think it's really hit Owen Hunt a lot. In the same token, Owen is used to losing colleagues, and that's part of coming from Iraq and working as a surgeon in a war zone. He's become very assimilated to that, so he's got a better [grieving] mechanism than others in the show. I think he actually becomes a rock for people because he's so used to dealing with loss and grief of war colleagues.

Do the producers have plans to replace George? Is someone new going to step into the limelight?
I don't know the answer to that one. They haven't said. But I know there are a couple of new interns coming in. It'll be exciting to see who shows up.

How is Cristina and Owen's relationship going to develop this year?
It's going to get quite complicated in the sense that I think they've gotten over the whole trauma of his past, but then his past comes back again at some point to haunt him. Someone comes to the hospital that he was connected to in his past, not his ex-fiancée, but it's somebody we didn't expect. I think it could get a little tricky, but exciting and interesting. Hopefully it will bring them closer together in the long run.

Bottom line: We should be rooting for Cristina and Owen this year, right?
Absolutely. They had a rough time last year, and they deserve some happiness this year. Whether they get it, I don't know.

Are you a little disappointed that Owen's past will once again stand in the way of a relationship with Yang? Are you as sad about George's death as everyone else? Sound off in the comments!


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