TNT Inexplicably Renews Hawthorne for a Second Season

Jada Pinkett Smith's nursing "drama" gets a 10-episode order, new eps are due to premiere 2010

By Jennifer Godwin Aug 10, 2009 7:39 PMTags
Jada Pinkett Smith, HawthorneEric McCandless/TNT

TNT has renewed Jada Pinkett Smith's sloppy, gloppy, chintzy and incredibly boring "drama" Hawthorne for a 10-episode second season, set to premiere in 2010.

What follows are the highlights from Team WWK's email chain in reaction to this news:


"Ditto! It's awful."

"I've watched every episode, and I swear to god it's getting worse not better."

"Wait, I'm sorry...this show is still on the air?"

"I think Jada Pinkett Smith talks about her sexual exploits with Will all the time to distract people from how lame and boring her show is."

According to TNT, Hawthorne averages 3.8 million viewers a week, so the renewal makes sense from a statistical standpoint, but creatively, not so much.

There are surely many people working very hard to make Hawthorne a success, but whatever those people are doing, generally speaking, it is not working.

Are there any Hawthorne fans out there who can defend this show?