Must-Have Dog Halloween Costumes That Are So Cute, It’s Scary

It's the most wonderful time of the year — pop culture dog Halloween costume time, and time to think of the funniest ways we can dress up our furry friends.

By Sophy Ziss Oct 28, 2023 1:00 PMTags
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It's one of the unwritten laws of nature: If you have a dog, you try to dress it up in a Halloween costume for pets. It just makes sense! Cute and cuddly, big and brutish, or any combo of adjectives in between — no matter what, there should be funny costumes for dogs, and sized specifically for them.

That would be so cute, it'd be spooky. Especially if you could match! After all, if the rest of us get to put on little outfits and go door to door asking for snacks, why shouldn't that extend to the fuzziest member of the family? Exactly.

So whether you're a Disney loyalist, like your costumes sweet and girly, or a secret third thing, you'll find something on this list to wrangle your four-legged friend (and possibly, favorite child) into.  

Now, I can't guarantee that your pets will cooperate in getting dressed, or be willing to wear it for the entire length of the evening. Even so, these Halloween costumes for dogs are absolutely worth making the effort for.

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Pet Life Captain Snuggles Pirate Pet Dog Costume - Large

Arr you ready to go trick-or-treating? Because your first mate sure will be.

K9 Unit Dog Costume

Want to just play a trick? Tell your dog it's not just a costume; they have a job and need to start contributing to the household now.

Rubie's Costumes <i>The Incredibles</i> Pet Costume Large

Show just how super you think your pooch is with this costume designed for larger dogs.

Casual Canine Skeleton Dog Costume

Whether you're going for a classic skeleton look or more of a Phoebe Bridgers-inspired thing, this costume is one you'll want to wriggle your dog into time and time again.

Rubie's Costumes Ariel Pet Costume - Small

Take your pooch trick-or-treating in a whole new world, where the people, are in this adorable, princess-inspired look.

Pet Life Yeepaw Cowboy Pet Holiday Dog Costume Brown - Extra Small

This is funny enough as-is (that attention to detail!), but Pet Life calling the costume "Yeepaw" really elevates it into the dog costume stratosphere.

Casual Canine Hot Dog Dog Costume

You don't have to own a dachshund to buy this hot dog costume, but if you have a dachshund, you do have to buy it. That made sense, right?

Rubie's Costume Minnie Mouse Dog & Cat Costume - Extra Large

This costume not only has the benefit of being a cute way to honor the House of Mouse, but it's advertised as being suitable for dogs and cats alike. If you have an "extra large" cat and it's willing to be put into a costume, I will give you my home address so I can be mailed a hard photo copy of that.

Anit Accessories Superhero Green Dog Costume Extra Small

The best part about a vague and unlicensed "superhero" look for a pet is that it doesn't force the family to choose between DC and Marvel. The second-best is that is that there's really nothing better than a dog wearing a fancy cape. 

Northlight Christmas Elf Dog Costume - Medium

For those already looking forward to the next season: An elf-themed look for a pup on the nice list.

Pet Edge Zack & Zoey Butterfly Glow Harness Costume for Dogs - Small

This light-up harness costume is ideal for making the late-night trick-or-treating rounds. Also, it's super cute.

Pet Life Striped Retro Uniform Dog Costume - Medium

The inverse of a K-9 Unit uniform? This throwback prisoner's costume for dogs on the naughty list.

Casual Canine Lobster Paws Dog Costume

You know how they say a picture is worth 1,000 words? This is the picture "they" were talking about.

Rubie's Costumes Tigger Pet Costume - Large

Nothing is funnier than dressing an animal up as a different animal. Especially if that animal also happens to be a goofy and beloved children's book character.

Rubie's Costumes Cinderella Pet Costume - Medium

For those who treat their dog as a princess: A costume worthy of the prince's ball.

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