Britney Spears: Mother's Day at Teen Choice Awards

Backstage, the pop princess is spotted playing with sons Jayden and Sean

By Marc Malkin Aug 10, 2009 6:10 PMTags
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Britney Spears' date for the Teen Choice Awards? Her two sons, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

A very blond Mama Brit and her boys were spotted making their way through Backstage Creations' Bop It Celebrity Retreat gifting tent. "The boys played Band Hero with Jayden drumming and Sean playing guitar," an onlooker reports. "Britney sang and danced and cheered them on."

Spears also played Bop It for the Celebrity Challenge for Charity before checking out some Tagür shoes and the My Mommy Rocks design at the Snap Caps booth. (Yeah, we didn't know what Snap Caps were either.)

After about an hour, the Spears brood took off. But there was a little problem—Jayden and Sean left the tent with the Band Hero drumsticks, making it impossible for anyone else to play.

"They returned a few hours later with the sticks and played some more," the source said.

Spears also insisted on privacy. The tent was closed down to all other attendees while she and the boys had the run of the place.


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