Miley Cyrus Pole Dances at the Teen Choice Awards

Tween superstar entertains viewers of all ages with her special dancing skills

By Jennifer Cady Aug 10, 2009 3:20 PMTags
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Oh, 16-year-old Miley Cyrus. Why do you continue to do this to us all? Acting what is deemed to be too provocative and sexual for your young age, which never fails to shock everyone. "Oh my word, that Miley Cyrus. So inappropriate!"

Except the comments are never that civilized; they tend to go more the slut route. It's not nice or fair, that's just kind of how it goes if you're an underage starlet trying to get some attention.

It would be nice if Miley could help us all out and avoid this age-old debate by choosing not to pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards or wear a supershort miniskirt and then change into a dress with a serious plunging neckline. But she's not going to do that, and the cycle is just about to begin again with her little sister...

Noah Cyrus finally gives us an answer to the world's question: What's worse than a 16-year-old pole dancing on national television? A 9-year-old pole dancing at a Hollywood club. Someone alert their parents via Twitter!

And—spoiler!—here's the video to go along with that classic photo of Miss Miley, just to put everything into perspective or something:


Maybe Miley is just practicing for a grown-up film role?