Harry Jowsey Talks Magnetic Energy on Billion Dollar Babie Podcast with Tara Electra

Harry and Tara discuss his path to stardom, how he handles criticism, his experiences in relationships, his aspirations for the future and more.

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Harry Jowsey, a charismatic personality known for his appearance on the Netflix series Too Hot to Handle, skyrocketed to fame and has since built a diverse career as a podcaster, Netflix host, model, actor and content creator. In this Billion Dollar Babie podcast episode, Harry and Tara Electra discuss his path to stardom, how he handles criticism, his experiences in relationships, his aspirations for the future and more.

Fame After Netflix

Harry's rapid ascent to fame was no accident. Recognizing that popularity from reality TV can be fleeting, he attributes his success to "not having an ego and just saying yes to everything." Harry adopted an approach of seizing every opportunity that came his way in order to maintain his level of fandom even long after the show had ended.

However, the sudden surge of fame presented its share of challenges for Harry. He openly acknowledged feeling overwhelmed at times. The show being released during the COVID-19 lockdown period added another layer of challenges to his adjustment to fame. Harry mentions that the show "wouldn't have had anywhere near the success it had" if it had been released December 2019, which was the original premiere date for Too Hot to Handle. Although Harry's fame was growing exponentially during this time, he was able to maintain a normal life while staying at friends' apartments during lockdown.

Dealing with Negative Comments

Although Harry is loved by his fans, he's also had to face criticism and negative comments online. Harry talks about how he's now careful about whose feedback he takes to heart. While he appreciates criticism from well-meaning folks, he disregards baseless negativity and even blocks or restricts individuals who persistently engage in online harassment. His ability to handle criticism and his discerning approach have helped him maintain a positive mindset.


Billion Dollar Babie

Building an Online Presence

One of the elements contributing to Harry's internet success is his authenticity. He possesses a curiosity about others and a desire to uplift people, which shines through in his content. Harry's genuine nature makes him relatable and endearing to his audience, allowing him to form close connections with his fans.

For those looking to grow their social media following, Harry emphasizes the importance of consistency, authenticity and resilience. He urges newcomers not to be discouraged by fluctuations in their follower count since building an online presence requires time and effort.

While Harry maintains a presence across all social media platforms, he particularly favors TikTok due to its potential for growth and authenticity. He recommends focusing on short-form content strategies to any aspiring creators.

Harry's Relationships

On the topic of dating, Harry tells his story regarding how he prioritized self-growth in his relationship. He describes one instance where he made the decision to stop drinking in order to focus on his partner and his own self improvement: "When you have a person that you understand their body and their soul and can like really like give your love and energy to someone, it's so much more fulfilling than like just going out and hooking up with people."

Billion Dollar Babie

What's Next?

In addition to his content creation career, Harry dreams of becoming a Marvel actor and making it onto the silver screen within the next three years. We're excited to watch Harry's career flourish as he continues his journey into Hollywood.

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