Kathy Griffin's Teen Date: Bristol Palin's Baby Daddy!

The star of My Life on the D-List brings Levi Johnston to Teen Choice Awards

By Marc Malkin Aug 10, 2009 2:15 AMTags

Kathy Griffin definitely gets the award for most genius date at this year's Teen Choice Awards.

The My Life on the D-List star brought Bristol Palin's baby daddy, Levi Johnston!

Griffin joked that the two have been a couple for quite some time now. "Long-distance relationships are not easy, especially when he's in his igloo and I'm in my Hollywood tower," she said as they made their way down the fake-green-grass arrivals carpet.

Johnston was a man of few words...

Asked what it's like being Griffin's date for the show, he smiled, "I just, you know, look at her, shut up and do what I'm told."

While Griffin has yet to visit Johnston in his hometown, she actually has been to Alaska.

"I have played Alaska, but so nowhere near where he grew up," she said. "I played a Rosie [O'Donnell] lesbian cruise there and I'm pretty sure Levi wasn't on that cruise. I mean, I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure Levi is not kicking it with the lesbian cruises."

If Griffin does make it to Wasilla, Johnston said he'd like to take her hunting.

Sadly, Griffin and Johnston's night wasn't being filmed for her reality show. "You have no idea how bitter I am about that," Griffin said.

Johnston wasn't only in town for Teen Choice. He was also here for a Vanity Fair photo shoot. When asked how his and Palin's baby son, Tripp, is doing, Johnston said, "He's good. He's doing really good."

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