Shenae Grimes Claps Back at Haters Saying Her "Terrible Haircut" Is Aging Her

Shenae Grimes addressed comments that her hairstyle is the reason she looks older, sharing, "Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all if you don't have anything nice to say!"

By Alyssa Morin Sep 08, 2023 5:45 PMTags
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Shenae Grimes-Beech isn't hair for the critics.

The Degrassi alum recently clapped back at people sharing negative comments about her hairstyle, with many suggesting that her bob cut and French bangs are making her appear older than she is.

"When people let you know you didn't 'age terribly' because of your wrinkles," the 33-year-old captioned her Sept. 7 TikTok, "it's because of your 'terrible haircut.'"

She fired back by using voice over audio from creator Chris Dapkas, saying, "What if, and just hear me out for a second, you shut the f--k up."

Despite Shenae making her point very clear, that still didn't stop people from deriding her 'do in the comments section.

"It's definitely the hair," one user wrote, to which the 90210 actress replied, "Sometimes it is better to say nothing at all if you don't have anything nice to say! This TT page is for positive vibes only."

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Of course, there were many supportive messages of the actress' look.

One user wrote, "I personally think you're aging beautifully, the hair cut is awesome, it's edgy and totally makes your jaw line well...chefs kiss."

Someone else shared, "As someone who has followed you since I was a teenager, I think you have not aged at all! You look amazing and the hair is everything!!!"

Shenae Grimes / TikTok

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time in recent weeks Shenae has addressed criticism about her appearance.

"Thing is…I'm just… aging," she captioned her Aug. 31 Instagram post. "I'm nearly 34 years old with 2 kids, what the hell do you expect?!"

The Date With Love star went on to explain that she often gets told she's "aged terribly" whenever she posts a throwback clip of her teenage acting days. But according to Shenae, the reason people have skewed ideas of what people look like at her age is because it's commonplace to get Botox, fillers and other cosmetic treatments.

"I'm 100 percent for a bit of Botox or filler or whatever it is you choose to do to feel confident in your skin," she clarified. "How you feel about yourself is so important and I am a cheerleader for doing whatever makes you feel your best... That said, I think transparency when it comes to beauty standards is more important right now than ever before."

She continued, "THANK YOU to the women who bring transparency to this topic, as terrifying as it is because of the harsh judgement that comes with it any which way!"

Shenae Grimes / Instagram

Whether or not you're a fan of getting work done, Shenae reminded her fans to lead with positivity. 

As she put it, "Let's all try and be a little more up front and a hell of a lot kinder please!!!"

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